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Sofia the First is an American animated television series for Children. It first premiered in November 2012. The title was produced for Disney Channel and Disney Junior by Disney Television Animation.

Created by Craig Gerber, Jamie Mitchell is the executive producer and director of the series. The title is about a girl named Sofia, Ariel Winter voicing the character. The show has songs by Erica Rothschild and John Kavanaugh while Kevin Kliesch gives the music score.

As there are many soundtracks featured in the series, today we will talk about the theme song with the namesake.

What is the Song About?

What is the Series About

The main character Sofia suddenly becomes a princess when Miranda, her mother, marries the Kingdom Enchancia, King Roland II.

The Sofia the First lyrics are all about the paradigm shift in her life. As you follow the story, you will find that she was an ordinary village girl, but with her mother marrying the highest royalty, Sofia’s status changes overnight.

Here she talks about this situation. She claims that she was all happy with her village life that was simple and free of all troubles and etiquettes.  Now she has all of a sudden become a princess. This is a new world for her.

This time she is worried about this new way of living, but at the same time, she is aware of figuring it out for herself. She must learn to do the thing right. She is looking forward to the new life with excitement. Eager to know what it is like to be a royal, this is an adventure for her.

This theme song is sung by Ariel Winter who is voicing the main character of the little princess. Written by John Kavanaugh and Craig Gerber, Laura Dickinson is in the chorus while the song is produced by Danny Jacob.

This soundtrack won Daytime Emmy Award for “Outstanding Song: Main Title” in 2014. At the same time, in the same year, it was nominated for Annie Award in the category of “Outstanding Achievement in Music for an Animated TV Production,”

What is the Series About?

The series brings to us the story of a half orphan Sofia who is living with her mother named Miranda. They have a peasant life in a kingdom named Enchancia.

Miranda has the occupation of a shoemaker and that is how simple their life is. One day the King who is widowed needed to get his shoes fixed. They are sent to this poor shoemaker. The king sees her and falls in love with her on the spot.

This is the turning point in little Sofia’s life. From here her adventure begins, with her molding into her new role as a princess. She tries to create a bond with her new family which includes Amber and James, her step-siblings.

She has to leave her village school behind and join this royal school which is run by Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather from Sleeping Beauty.

In the story, Roland gives Sofia an amulet, which she later finds has something special. The amulet can give her special powers, the blessings for good work, and the curse for the evildoings.

The best power it gives to her is her ability to speak to animals. So here you will find Mia and Robin the birds, and Clover Rabbit. The amulet also has the power to call all the princesses who are there at any moment, who can come to the rescue of each other when needed.

In this beautiful story, Cedric is the ryal sorcerer who is the main antagonist who is obsessed with Sofia’s this magical amulet. If Cedric gets this amulet it will be the doom of the royal family.


With a melodious touch Sofia, the First theme song gives an intro to the changing life of Sofia and how she feels about it. Filled with positive energy, it gives your child the idea to be adventurous when new challenges come in their life.

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