All You Need To Know About Basketball Hoops


While doing a little research for my blog, I found out many people are searching for what basketball hoops are. I believe most of the people who are researching what a basketball hoop is or is like are new to the game of basketball and this is why I have written this article.

So what are basketball hoops?

According to the description of a basketball hoop by the CEO of, a basketball hoop is a horizontal round metal rim that is supporting a net through which the players are to drop the ball to score a goal. This shows that the basketball hoop is a necessity for the game of basketball. There can’t be a game if there is no way to keep track of the goals scored for the winner.  Be sure to Watch Basketball Live (ดูบาสสด) as well to learn more.

Basketball hoops are quite expensive in terms of purchase as it is an integral part of the game, so you do not want to make the decision of getting it in a hurry.  Before, shopping for a basketball hoop, there are some very important factors you should consider and here you will find them:

Points to consider when buying basketball hoops.

Location: The first and one of the most important factors to put into consideration is the location for the hoop. Over the years, there are different makeshift, below standard, basketball court people have put in place for practice purpose; which is not a bad idea. But in doing this, you might want to consider the available space that can accommodate the numbers of players you have in mind. Also, a hardened floor is irreplaceable. Concrete can do the trick, and you should ensure that the concrete is at least ten or fifteen feet away from your goal. Fifteen feet is recommended because it is the distance of the throw line. In the midst of mapping out your location, endeavor to keep security in mind. Check with the rules guiding your neighborhood, if it is not against the installation of basketball hoops in public places like the street.

If all these have been properly put in place, you can move on to the next detail.

Kind of hoop: There are different types of hoops to suit your specifications and purpose. You need to know the various kinds of hoops available to be able to make a suitable decision. The three major types of hoops are;

In-ground hoop; this type of hoop takes lesser space, but requires a concrete installation, i.e. cement. This makes it permanent, durable and reliable. It is a type of hoop that a family can acquire in their permanent abode.  Some in-ground hoops come with adjustable height to suit people of different ages and sizes.

Portable hoop; this kind as the name depicts it, is movable at will.  Some of these have large wheeled movable bases that can enable users to move it to different parts of the court.

Mountable hoop; this hoop is a kind that is fixed to a structure like a wall, the exterior of your garage etc. They offer maximum and qualitative stability during a game.

You also want to look for the best indoor outdoor basketball as well to make your setup complete.

Backboard: This is the flat surface behind the hoop where the ball bounces off against during the game. The backboard most of the time determines the durability of the hoop which is why the material used in making the backboard is very important. Some backboard materials are;

Shatterproof glass; mostly used at a pro or competition level and quite expensive

Acrylic; this material looks like glass and it is less costly

Polycarbonate; renowned for its high durability and ability to withstand the elements.

You also need to put into consideration the size of the backboard which should range from “44 to 72 and the shape which could be rectangular or fan-shaped.

As you might have rightly guessed, basketball hoop is not self-sufficient on its own. Other materials will determine its functionality and reliability. Other factors to look out for are:

  • Height adaptability: There are some hoops that have a height adjustment mechanism and it’s good for younger players.
  • Rim or perimeter: A standard perimeter for a hoop is 18 inches in diameter.
  • Poles: This could be round or square in shape. The square shaped pole holds up better against vibrations and dunking.
  • Nets and bases: Most hoops come with nets made of nylon but you can replace it with a chain linked net. Base is peculiar to the portable type of hoop and can be filled with water or sand.

Hoops are very indispensable in the game of basketball. Before buying one, ensure you are well informed on the best and what is suitable for your specifications. Failure to do this could lead to you wasting a lot of money, which is certainly something no one wants to do.

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