All you need to know about the bathroom faucet

There are tons of essential furniture required to complete the house; the advancement of technology has led to creating a lot of innovative furniture, which is such a blessing for everyone. A best bathroom faucet is one of the most crucial needs in the household. Thousands of people might be familiar with the bathroom faucet, and most of you don’t know what the bathroom faucet is.

The notion of a bathroom faucet is pretty much similar to the wash-basin; this furniture is used for several purposes like washing dishes while washing hands and brushing teeth, and much more tasks. There are approximately ten types of bathroom faucets, and you might be confused about which is the right for you. Don’t worry, below mentioned is every type of bathroom faucet, and you can choose accordingly, so let’s look at that.

Valves are the primary component of bathroom faucets, and the build quality of the bathroom faucets depends upon the quality of valves. Below is everything you need to know about the types of valves used in every bathroom faucet.

What are the several types of valves used in the bathroom faucet?

Valves are one of the most crucial parts of the process, and it embraces the beauty and working of the bathroom faucet. The quality of valves fitted in the bathroom faucet determines the faucets’ quality, too, and plays a critical role in the working of that element. Below mentioned are some of the top-notch types of valves.


This valve’s mechanism is exceedingly brilliant, and the concept is so smooth that you don’t need to worry about your best bathroom faucet in the future. The sidewise movement controls the water temperature, whereas the up-down direction of the valve controls water flow. A stem-like structure is installed in the faucets, which determines that you have a quality experience even while using cartridge valves.

In the presence of a hollow cartridge, the person is allowed to mutate the valve according to their requirements in case the water flows. The elegance of this valve makes it stand out among the other valves; the durability of these valves is also immense.


Compression is the most basic and standard type of valves that are used in the bathroom faucets. The traditional faucets have the valves of compression type; the advantage of installing these valves in the bathroom faucets is that the notion and the valves’ motion are pretty simple. You might be familiar with the mechanism of traditional retro taps; these valves’ tools are just similar to these taps. When you rotate these valves clockwise, this locks the water flow, and when you turn these valves anti-clockwise, the water flow will be released through the taps.

Ball valves

These valves’ mechanism is necessary; these valves’ concept is based on a single lever only. You are allowed to control the flow of water running through these valves by the lever available. The presence of slots in these valves boosts the ease of controlling the water’s temperature; you can choose hot and chilled water based on your preferences. The valve is a bit advanced compared to the traditional taps and looks elegant at the same time.

What are the types of bathroom faucets?

Waterfall faucet

The only bathroom faucet that renders a soothing feeling is the waterfall faucet; the name itself is self-explanatory about the Faucet mechanism. The Faucet offers you a smooth flow of water as it is flowing from a waterfall, not from a faucet. The build quality of the Faucet is very excellent, and you can get it quickly on these faucets if you need a durable bathroom faucet.

Wall-mounted Faucet

Cases are seen when the engineers or architecture forgets to leave a space for the sinks in the bathrooms and kitchens; that is when this wall-mount bathroom faucet comes into play. The magic lies in these faucets as they are built so that you are allowed to mount the taps on the walls, the mechanism of the element is straightforward. Bear one thing in your mind that you need to take care about the fitting of pipes when installing the wall mount faucet


The Centre set is one of the most preferred bathroom faucets, almost every bathroom consists of these faucets. The centers’ standard structure is that a 3-4 inch center set is designed for the basins with the three holes mechanism. The holes are 3-4 inches distant from each other, making the Faucet pretty efficient.

Bridge type faucet

The notion of this Faucet is pretty basic, and the durability of this Faucet is the most crucial factor that determines its popularity. Installation of the Faucet is easy; the Faucet class and elegance make it a bit different from the rest of the types. There are two basic types of water lines, as mentioned earlier you can have both the hot and cold water.


There are three holes in the bathroom faucets, two out of which are used to pull levers and one for the valve. According to the climate, you are allowed to get both types of water, whether hot and cold. The water flow is relatively smooth and soothing, like just the waterfall faucet, there are three holes present in the Faucet. The distance between the holes is about 8 inches, and this is the crucial factor why you must consider the widespread Faucet.


In a nutshell, faucets are one of the essential needs in our houses; the main component of the Faucet are valves, and those as mentioned earlier are some of the most popular types of valves. Cartridge, compression, ball valves are types of valves that are the most used in the faucets. There are tons of faucet types, out of which counterfeit is one of the most preferred types. The above mentioned is everything you need to know about the bathroom faucets, so what are you waiting for? Look for the best bathroom faucet that suits your requirements and use them.