All You Need to Know About the Tanto Knife

Before now, Tanto knife was used as weapons, but they are now used as pocket knives and their designs are even being replicated in kitchen knives. We now have Tanto knife design developed into plenty of styles, including Tanto folding knives, Tanto fighting knives, Tanto blade knives, and Tanto blade knives.

Let’s get an insight into Tanto knives and their history, as we also help you decide the Best Tanto Knife for you.

First things first, let’s hear some history about Tanto Knives

Tanto knives go as far back as 12th-century Japan when Samurais used to carry a long and a short sword. The short sword was called the Tanto, which means a short sword or dagger.

Since feudal Japan till now, so many innovations have been made in the blade manufacturing industry. The result is that Tanto knives are now produced with a sharp angle in the blade’s belly, and this design has been termed the American Tanto and is highly popular.

Tanto Knives have a Unique Blade Design

As we established earlier, the modern Tanto knife design is called the American Tanto. It is also the most common kind of Tanto knife across the world and it is used as a pocket knife.

The best Tanto Knife has an angular edge that looks nearly noncontinuous edge. The knife has two cutting planes as opposed to the popular curving or flat belly of many knives.

The perfect way to describe the Tanto knives of these times is a blend of traditional Tanto knives and modern tactical knives, which delivers an antique knife pattern inspired by Japan.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tanto Knives

Thanks to their unique design, Tanto knives have several advantages. However, they also have disadvantages, which we will be exploring below.

Advantages of Tanto knives

Blade material quality

The material used to produce the Tanto blade has a certain level of hardness which is often in the 60+ range. Japanese super steel that has 67 layers of Damascus protection further adds to the strength of this blade, giving it amazing strength.

Strong Tip

Tanti knives are stronger than other knives because of the triangular shape just before the tip of the knife which gives it reinforcement.

You can easily cut through things using the Tanto knife which makes it easy to pry and stab. This works great as a kitchen knife that you can dedicate to cutting your meat and other food produce.


There is no other way to say it, except that Tanto knives are beautiful and artistic looking. Whether you’re using them as pocket knives or displaying them in your kitchen, they look good all the same. The design reminds you of a samurai sword and its ruggedness while maintaining the classy look that people love.

Disadvantages of Tanto Knives

The major disadvantage of Tanto knives is that they are difficult to sharper. Even the best Tanto knives can stress you out when you want to sharpen them because they have two different bevels. Sharpening these knives means switching between bevels.