All You Should Know About Smart Door Locks


Going back in time, we have to be grateful for our regular lock and key for ensuring the safety of our homes and offices. However, now we have smart door locks and they do so much more than the physical keys.

Smart locks are keyless door locks that can be used instead of the deadbolt on your lock or alongside it. These locks are of different types and have different functions, but they all work with a local network such as Wi-Fi to lock and unlock a door when a command is made

How do you control smart door locks?

Different smart locks have different access controls, including remote, fingerprint, voice, access code, and smart hub control.

The remote access control allows you to lock and unlock your door using the smart lock application on your phone. You can also create and change codes with it from anywhere you are.

Fingerprint access works just like the fingerprint feature on your phone and you’ll need to be there physically to use it. Similarly, voice control locks need your voice command to lock and open.

Access code controls are quite popular, and these smart locks have keypads that allow the owner and visitors to enter the building when they input the right code.

As for the smart hub control, which is often part of a smart home, you can use the control panel within your home to manage your smart lock.

It is important to note that many smart door locks have multiple access features, including physical keys as a backup.

What smart lock connections are available?

Smart locks cannot work without connectivity because that’s how they receive commands from your devices. There are different connections available for your smart lock. The most common one is the Wi-Fi connection that can be joined to your home’s system, especially if you have a reliable Wi-Fi connection in your home.

Bluetooth connectivity also works by connecting to your computer or phone. This connection only works when you are a close distance away, which limits the connection range.

Finally, the Z-Wave connection is joined to the router in your home and can be accessed from wherever you are.

How to choose the best smart door locks?

When selecting a smart door lock, ensure that it has most, or all of these best features:

Multiple code features that can allow you to assign different codes to different family members or guests, whether temporarily and permanently

Automatic lock features enable your smart lock if it remains unlocked after a given time, probably because you forgot to lock it.

Single-touch locks are also great because they help you lock your door with a single push or tap, instead of keys or codes.

Notifications are also great because they inform you, using your smartphone about who opened your door. Lock status notification lets you know when you have forgotten to lock your door, and visitor notification tells you which visitor unlocked your door using their code.

Integration with your home system is necessary if your home has other smart devices. Ensure that they integrate well with other devices and can work together. For instance, you can ensure that your lights come on once you open your door and go off once you lock your door. An integrated system can make this work for you.


Smart door locks deliver the convenience and improved security that every home needs.  When your hands are full and your keys are out of reach, they can make it easier to enter your home. They can also save you from having to rush home during your lunch break to let in a service professional or going to the hardware store to make a key for a new roommate.


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