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Alternative Hamburger Meat Choices

Alternative Hamburger Meat Choices

Good substitutes to beef burger patties

Nothing can beat traditional hamburgers – they are always tasty and delicious. However, they are also loaded with unwanted fats and high cholesterol. Fortunately, there are a considerable number of alternative meat hamburger choices available that you can sink your teeth into.

From turkey to black bean to vegetable and a lot more, the number of healthy choices for your next burger is waiting. Just remember to go with a whole grain bun. Also, it’s recommended for you to order the “meat” for your burger grilled instead of fried as that only adds unnecessary calories.


The turkey burger is a famous alternative to beef. Like beef, turkey is high on protein, but it is otherwise very low in fat. You can use traditional mustard, tomatoes, low-fat cheese and many other healthy ingredients on your turkey burger. Turkey is a very good replacement to meat as it is heart-friendly and also very tasty.


You may not think that falafel will make a really good alternative to traditional hamburger meat. But when you mix them with diced onions, cumin, parsley and lemon juice, they can be rolled out to make patties similar to hamburger meat and have a wonderful and unique taste as well.


Mushrooms have a similar, meaty texture that make them an excellent substitute for your hamburger meat. The best type of mushrooms is portabella as it has very little moisture and does not shrink when being grilled. Just add some salt, pepper and olive oil to the mix – they add some much needed flavor. Portabella mushrooms have very few calories and are cholesterol-free as well.

Black beans

Mashed black beans that are cooked properly can make for a very tasty substitute to traditional hamburger meat. They are especially good when you mix them together with onions, chilies and garlic as well. Black bean burgers are filled with fiber, protein, iron, as well as plenty of vitamins and minerals. The best of all? No harmful fat and cholesterol. So you can enjoy these black bean patties whenever you want without feeling guilty!


Tuna is one of the perfect alternative burger meat choices. You can grill a few tuna slices up and brush on some soy sauce or sprinkle in fresh ginger to really brighten up the flavor. Tuna goes great with cucumbers and julienned red peppers as part of your alternative burger.


Buffalo meat is becoming a popular substitute to traditional ground beef as it has lower amount of fat and cholesterol. Buffalo can be a bit “gamey” in taste, but when you add the right spices and toppings, it has a similar texture to the standard hamburger. Some of those who have eaten buffalo burgers said that buffalos taste generally sweeter and more tender than beef burgers


Similar to black beans, lentils also offer plenty of good protein, fiber, folate and thiamin. They are low on the harmful fat and cholesterol too. Simply mash them up and mix with onions to make for a great alternative to ground beef.

Veggie burgers

Vegetables are one of the older alternative meat burgers as they have absolutely no meat. Virtually everything that vegetables have is very good for you. The combinations of vegetables that are mixed together and prepared deliver a wonderful, even amazing flavor. Veggies are virtually fat-free with plenty of vitamins and minerals as well.

These alternative burger meat choices are worth a try!

There are plenty of choices when you are looking for a good substitute to traditional hamburger meat. That way, you can stay healthy and still enjoy the burgers that you love.

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