Alternative Holiday Travel Methods Worth Exploring


Travelling is an incredibly addictive experience and once you get the bug, it’s hard to stop yourself from finding new and interesting opportunities to explore. However, many people get too fixated on finding new experiences to enjoy once they reach their destination, and forget about what you can gain from the journey itself.

With more and more people choosing to holiday at home, it’s definitely worth considering how you get to your holiday destination as part of the experience. Flying and driving are the standard choices but there are plenty of other, more interesting options available that will add something special to your getaway. Here are a few to get you thinking.


Particularly if you’re looking for more of a staycation than a vacation, cycling is a great way of seeing parts of the country that you would never usually enjoy. The intimate nature of cycling from town to town or city to city creates a whole holiday within itself, allowing you to meet new people, chat to locals and find those hidden gems that make everything more special.

Additionally, cycling across a country doesn’t always have to involve camping or tents. There are multiple different bicycle tourist accommodation websites that specialise in connecting cyclists with local homeowners with a spare room, meaning that you can plan your travel and always have shelter and a bed at the end. It’s definitely worth considering if you’re the active type.

Caravan Travel

Caravans continue to rise in popularity and for good reason. From mobile homes to touring caravans, taking your own home with you when you travel is a completely different way to holiday. Additionally, many caravan parks offer much more peaceful and friendly environments, with a strong community atmosphere shared between caravanners. Check out this site if you need caravan parts.

If you do opt for trying out a caravan-based holiday, remember to consider safety and security. If you have a touring caravan, always learn the towing best practices before setting off and whatever type of caravan holiday you’re enjoying, pick up the right security equipment to keep your home safe. Other than that, simply pick out a few destinations and start your road trip!


Whilst travelling by train isn’t particularly exotic or different, there are some very unique train experiences available around the globe that are more than worth exploring. Luxury train journeys like the Orient Express, whilst expensive, offer a great balance of travelling and enjoyment. Not only can you see much more of the countries you travel through, but you also receive a luxurious hotel-esque service, sleep in a comfortable bed and enjoy amazing food. Plus, the intimate nature of a train atmosphere makes it possible to meet other like-minded individuals and build friendships.

A great option for those who can afford it.

Cruise Ships, Sailboats and Cargo Freighters

Whilst cruise ships aren’t for everyone, there’s no doubt that travelling by sea is a very different but equally fun method of getting around the globe. Cruise ships can be expensive though, so it’s also worth keeping in mind some other options, especially if you want a more rugged travel experience. With that in mind, consider looking into traditional sailboats and even cargo freighters as alternative choices.

Often local sailors in port towns will gladly help you for a small fee and you’ll be able to enjoy some truly new views whilst you’re there. Cargo freighters also occasionally accept passengers but usually aren’t so cheap, though might be worth it on a one-time occurrence just to see what it’s like.

These alternative travel methods aren’t the only ones available, but they are easily some of the most interesting. Always consider your personal needs before you go travelling but equally, some of the best memories are made in the oddest places, so don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone either.

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