Alternative Medicine Treatments People Should Check Out

Modern medicine remains the best hope for healthcare. However, it is still riddled with many instances of little knowledge or a lack of information on many issues. People often look to alternative medicine to supplement modern medicine. In doing so, people hope to get remedies to their problems. Sometimes it works and some others it does not. Research for different alternative treatment options has not been extensive. However, physicians also recommend non-medical procedures. Below are the most common alternative treatments that you can try out.

Before you dive into these options, always be wary of frauds and fakes as it is laden with criminal elements. Since most of the remedies offered and not offered by physicians, it is hard to regulate the market. Most people fall for cheap cons promising instant results. Those that do not overpromise, they work in an environment where very little research is undertaken.

Herbal medicine

It is perhaps one of the universal alternative medicine. The problem globally is the lack of scientific evidence to support most of the claims. Although recent forays into the research of herbal medicine show significant medical and scientific promise, the treatment value is usually exaggerated heavily. Several examples of exaggerated herbal products include neem tree, aloe vera, antilipemic tea, Ganoderma mushroom, among many other herbal remedies.

Recent studies on most of these herbal remedies show significant promise in helping with specific medical conditions. Unfortunately, sellers sometimes over extrapolate the number of medical conditions that it can help. When trying herbal remedies, ensure that you check for specific supporting evidence. If you hear that neem trees can help reduce chronic stomach ache, look for a particular body of literature, preferably linking to particular research.


The Chinese are leading in the clamor for alternative medicine. Acupuncture is one of them. The rumor is that the body’s defense mechanisms can be awakened through carefully inserted needles. Research supports its effectiveness in the relief of pain, stress, and anxiety. The acupuncturist is trained on the specific pressure points in the body. If the needles are inserted as advised, it works on patients.


Ergonomic problems can cause pain along the musculoskeletal frame, including the lower back, the spinal cord, and neck pain. Such problems usually need medical attention to solve. Professionals look to chiropractors to solve those problems. Most professionals give the cracking sounds that generally accompany treatment are a bit unnerving for some parents. Research in this area suggests that misalignment of the musculoskeletal bones can cause pain, anxiety, and general joint pains.

Historically, a shortage of professionals dealing with chronic back pains, especially lower back pain, has existed. More chiropractic professional clinics are coming up to help patients with these problems. Recent scientific and medical studies support this alternative medicine for these patients. Anyone trying chiropractic services should look for licensed chiropractors.


Some health conditions emanate from the state of mind. If you are restless and troubled, you are likely to develop anxiety and stress disorders. Meditation is the quest to achieve calm and still. Unlike other remedies that often rely on a professional, you can try meditation anywhere at any time. You can watch meditation videos online and use them as a guide.

A more professional and physical form of meditation is yoga. It includes body balancing of the spiritual and physical levels. Some yoga poses require professional training to put off.


The outer limbs of the body are interconnected with the rest of the body. A reflexologist uses this interconnection to treat common health problems related to pain and anxiety. The process involves applying pressure on the touchpoints. It is known to encourage a good mood and reduce tension. The procedure has little research making it difficult to predict its overall impact.

Massage therapy

You can also try massaging treatments when you have physical problems such as back pain, neck pain, and other issues.  A professional masseuse also assists in the rehabilitation of people who are recovering from traumatic accidents or surgeries. It is one of the most effective alternative medicine. Most people look at it as part of mainstream medicine. It now works hand in hand with mainstream medicine such as physiotherapy.

If you want to use any of the alternatives provided here, always ensure that you have some more information, including and not limited to links to the original research work. Whenever someone makes lofty promises about the service offering and its capabilities, be suspicious. Some of the professionals can help. For example, there are licensed chiropractors, herbal medicine doctors, massage therapists, reflexologists, and acupuncturists. Tick to professionals whenever you are seeking any of these remedies.