Alvin Samir Yono Focuses On A Diverse Photography Portfolio


A professional portfolio is essential for every photographer. Now that taking pictures is easier than ever, skilled photographers must stand apart from the crowd. A photographer who wants to attract more clients needs an assortment of unique images.

Why Do You Need A Photography Portfolio?

Alvin Samir Yono is an accomplished photographer with experience in a variety of settings. By showcasing multiple styles and techniques, his work can accurately depict his skill. Candid shots can be successfully captured by Alvin Yono and portraits, landscapes, and special occasions.

Several new photography techniques have become crucial to the industry. Photo editing and digital placement can augment design depending on what a client wants. These practices are best displayed in different settings to highlight what they are capable of achieving.

Aside from the technical skills, a portfolio shows individual personality. Since every person is unique, the way they want to be portrayed is critical to a photographer. A portfolio can show others how they see the world.

A portfolio can be created online or as an actual collection. When meeting people for the first time, having a physical portfolio can show photographs with the exact colors captured. Having a digital portfolio, however, may be more convenient for business cards.

Who Will See The Portfolio?

Knowing what the purpose of a photography portfolio is can create a basic road map. If the purpose of creating a portfolio is to show friends, a coffee table book may work best. If the purpose is landing a new gig or applying to a university program, separate goals may be necessary.

Knowing the audience comes first. For university programs, a photography portfolio may want to showcase human figures rather than products or cars. Before applying to the program, it’s best to see what the instructor or admissions department finds compelling.

Portfolios that are used to gain work benefit from as much variety as possible. This is important because not all clients will share their aesthetic. This can connect with a wider audience by providing photographs using different editing techniques, landscapes, lighting, people, and events.

Wedding photography can be a lucrative industry. Those who want a professional photographer for their wedding may not know exactly what they’re looking for. Adding photos that highlight character and relationships are usually successful choices for paying work.

How To Create A Diverse Portfolio

Choosing the right photos can be agonizing. Alvin Samir Yono focuses on how the photographs show what he can do.

Research Others

Research is a necessary part of the process. Knowing what types of portfolios exist can be done through designated online photo sites. Inspiration is often found through other creative work and can expand the mind and imagination.

In addition to the photographs themselves, their base must match the aesthetic. Researching other photographers in the industry can inspire placement options. Photographs that are placed onto a darker background vs. a lighter one can change the imagery.

Since eyes are automatically drawn to certain proportions, this includes how much light is on the page. If an online portfolio is created, the colors can change slightly depending on the screen. Viewing photo sites from different screens can test how future backgrounds may look.

Organize Projects

Every photo cannot fit in a portfolio. A portfolio is there to showcase only a select amount of photos from each project. A typical photograph portfolio has less than 50 photographs. This does not mean the photos can’t be exchanged later, but they should be kept to a minimum.

Organizing a portfolio can be accomplished using a handful of collections. These collections can be organized from color to event. As long as each series has a theme, then the book can be divided into multiple projects. Some photographers sort their collections by technique and lighting, while others by place or portrait. There is no wrong way to depict talent.

Special vs. Mundane Collections

Mundane photos have their place. While weddings or political events are exciting to view, mundane shots that invoke feeling can be just as powerful. In fact, they might be more powerful depending on the image. Mundane photos can be candid, or they can be framing an ordinary object or building.

Choose the last photo with extra care. The last picture in a portfolio is what the viewer will walk away seeing. Depending on that particular image, it may leave a lasting impression. Knowing the audience is key for this type of placement.

Certain industries will prioritize unique images of celebrities or landscapes. Depending on who the target audience is, the last photo will help solidify what’s necessary for a reaction. A job for a product placement will require a different focus than someone in the wedding industry.

Use A Portfolio To Tell The Story You Want

A successful portfolio has a story. This narrative can run throughout the entire portfolio, or it can be split up into sections. Not every collection of photos has to have a robust story with lots of action. In some cases, a photo collection that focuses on a family or a party can be just as interesting.

A photography portfolio can create future opportunities. By showing a glimpse into another person’s perspective, can shape the minds of others. Being able to provide art as well as receive feedback is a good place to start.  

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