Amazing Gift Ideas for All Fantasy Fans


There are always holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries to celebrate, and it seems like they’re never-ending! This is a great opportunity to start searching for the best gift for your loved ones. Some people might find it difficult to find the right gifts, but it will be straightforward and simple once you understand what they like. If your loved ones are fantasy fans, then you have a huge selection of gifts that you can get for them. Whether it’s from their favorite movies, shows, games, and a lot more. Read on to learn more about some of the best gift ideas for fantasy fans.

1. Dragon Bookends 

You can’t go wrong with a couple of dragon bookends as a gift, especially if your fantasy fan addict enjoys reading different novels. Maybe they’ve mentioned that they have the entire collection of the Game of Thrones books, or maybe they’re into the Lord of the Rings collection. Either way, having a couple of dragons on their shelf can be a fitting gift for them. They will love some dragons guarding their books and it would look cool, especially for them.

2. Magic Wands

Magic wands can be a nice collectible item for most fantasy fans because they always imagined being a witch or wizard at some point. Just imagine walking the streets of London dressed as Hermione, Snape, Voldemort, or even Harry himself while having their wands too! If your loved one is an avid Harry Potter fan, then they will appreciate a beautifully crafted wand that they can display along with the rest of their collection/toys. Like most fantasy gifts, the packaging and boxes alone are a work of art! It will be an amazing gift that they will surely be happy to have.

3. Mrs. Potts and Chip Teapot Set

Who wouldn’t love a beautiful Mrs. Potts and Chip teapot and cup set? Almost everyone still remembers the classic Beauty and the Beast movie and people might have seen the recent live-action rendition of the film. This would be a lovely gift and it’s a fun conversation starter whenever guests come over for tea. It would be hilarious to see them sing the famous “Be Our Guest” song when they serve tea using this amazing teapot set.

4. Dagger of Time Bookmark

Maybe they would like a nice miniature-sized Dagger of Time bookmark as a gift? If you know someone that plays video games and they told you about playing the Prince of Persia games, then they would love a nice piece of that game coming to life! The Dagger of Time was a major weapon in the story and it helped the prince turn back time constantly. It would be a cute gift for that special someone very interested in the story and don’t worry because the dagger isn’t sharp!

5. Action Figures

Another cool gift for your fantasy gamer fans could be a couple of action figures of their favorite game. If they’re huge fans of the famous World of Warcraft MMORPG, then they would love an Arthas Lich King, Sylvanas, Illidan, or Jaina action figures! Some action figures could come as a bobblehead too, and it would look so cool. They can show off their faction pride, whether it’s for the Alliance or the Horde by displaying some of these important characters in the game at home.

6. The One Ring

If someone adores the Lord of the Rings story, then they will love having the One Ring as a gift. This beautifully crafted ring would look exactly like the one in the movie and the novels, showing those beautiful writings all over it. Let them feel the power of the ring that would rule them all. Your loved ones might cherish it too much and could start calling the ring their precious!  

7. Toy Lightsaber

Everyone that grew up watching Star Wars would enjoy having a toy lightsaber. They come in different colors, whether it’s blue, green, red, or purple! Try and find out which character your loved one likes and see if you could order the same lightsaber for them. They can start showing off their lightsaber skills to you! 

You have numerous gift ideas to choose from and if your loved ones have a specific fantasy preference, then getting them the perfect gift can be achievable. Overall, they will appreciate that you remembered how they love a specific character in a movie or a special item in that hit show they can’t stop talking about. They will love the gift and it might even be the best gift they’ve ever received! Remember to do some research and you can find the best fantasy-themed gifts that will always be cherished.

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