Amazing Selenite Jewelry Options That Wont Break The Bank


When you think of natural stones and gemstones, most people think of famous stones such as amethyst and emerald. But does selenite come to mind? If not, then it should.

Selenite is a stone named after the Greek moon goddess, Selene. Selenite looks white and even transparent, giving off a glow that resembles the moon.  There are also options for a necklace for Minimalist as well.

However, selenite is only its nickname; the stone’s formal name is Gypsum. Many users also claim selenite has spiritual properties, holding high energy vibrations that can open the crown and soul star chakras.

Because of selenite’s natural glow, it makes the perfect stone for jewelry. Here are amazing and affordable selenite jewelry options.

Selenite Necklace

Since many people believe selenite offers good luck, wearing the selenite stone ensures you’re always protected. This is why selenite makes the perfect necklace.

If you don’t believe in its spiritual properties, selenite necklaces are still perfect for all jewelry enthusiasts.

Most selenite pendants are long and thin, perfect to wear as a necklace pendant. Selenite looks best adorned with gold and with other gemstones.

Selenite Ring

Selenite makes the perfect gemstone for casual rings and more exquisite items such as engagement rings.

Selenite has a light white, almost transparent appearance. While it doesn’t shine like a diamond, it’s the perfect diamond-alternative engagement ring.

Vintage-loving brides will adore an antique selenite engagement ring. These rings are often handmade, with carved accents in metal such as silver.

There are also many selenite casual ring options.

You can choose a solitary selenite stone with a gold band or even a crystal band for a more exquisite touch. Improved jewelry-making technology opens up more selenite ring options, such as a selenite band ring instead of a stone.

Selenite Bead Bracelet

If you love bead bracelets, you’ll love a bracelet adorned with selenite crystals.

The transparent and glowing appearance of selenite is simple but exquisite enough to wear as a multi-stone bracelet. The multiple selenite crystals will accentuate the bracelet and won’t clash with each other.

If you’re wearing selenite for the healing properties, this option provides maximum protection. The multiple selenite stones will work to cleanse your aura, purifying and protecting you from negative energy.

You can also mix selenite beads with other beads. Selenite’s simple yet beautiful appearance pairs perfectly with a myriad of different stones.

Selenite Earrings

Small and dangling selenite stones make the perfect earrings.

They have a minimalist appearance, matching with every outfit and all other jewelry pieces. The white and transparent glow looks marvelous on the ears and every wearer can pull off selenite earrings.

Wearing selenite earrings is also beneficial to those who want spiritual protection. The stones can provide mental clarity, improving your focus and putting you in a positive mindset.

There Are Many Selenite Jewelry Options

Selenite is a lovely white and transparent stone with many healing properties. There are many selenite jewelry options and all options fit every wearer.

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