Amazon Halo vs WHOOP Strap: What Are They?


Fitness trackers are the modern way to analyze your workouts and health journey. Are you looking to stay in shape and keep yourself accountable? There are many fitness trackers out there, but some may not mesh with your aesthetic or the features you demand.

The Amazon Halo and the WHOOP Strap are fitness trackers that provide you with the ability to track your heart rate, sleep, and workout intensities with a sleek design. Here, we’ll review Amazon Halo vs WHOOP Strap to help you determine which fitness tracker is right for you.

Fitness Tracker Overview: Amazon Halo vs Whoop Strap

Before we get into the nitty-gritty details of Amazon Halo vs Whoop Strap, we’d like to provide you with a brief introduction to each device:

Amazon Halo — The Hot New Product

The Amazon Halo fitness tracker is newer to the fitness electronics market, as it launched in mid-2020. At first, only users with special access could purchase the product. As of December 2020, the Amazon Halo is available to all Amazon customers in the U.S. 

This device’s main goal is to improve your physical activity levels and quality of life. It logs basic information like your heart rate, steps taken, and sleep quality to help you progress and it can be beneficial to help with mentally preparing for Certbolt exams.

The WHOOP Strap — The Old-Timer

The WHOOP Strap has been around for much longer, as it first became available in 2012. Fitness enthusiasts with high-intensity lifestyles appreciate how the brand has perfected its product over the years.

This device helps users focus on getting enough sleep and recovering from strenuous workouts. The WHOOP Strap calibrates to your baseline to measure your sleeping patterns, resting heart and respiratory rate, and real-time activity tracking.

Now that you have a brief overview of the two devices, we’ll offer a more in-depth comparison of Amazon Halo vs WHOOP Strap:

Amazon Halo vs WHOOP Strap — Setup Process

One of the great things about modern fitness tracking is the easy setup and connection to your cell phone. Check out the user experience for Amazon Halo vs WHOOP Strap in terms of connectivity and Bluetooth:

Amazon Halo — Lengthy Setup Process

The Amazon Halo has a lengthier setup process through an app connected to your phone’s Bluetooth, but it’s still easy to follow. There will be many features you can set up, and we recommend you don’t skip any steps to receive all this fitness tracker’s benefits. 

You will need to do certain tasks beforehand to have a more personalized experience with this device. For example, you can familiarize the tracker with your voice and upload full-body pictures for effective weight monitoring.

The WHOOP Strap — To-The-Point Setup Process

WHOOP’s fitness tracker has an easier and quicker setup process. Once you download the app and pair the tracker with your smartphone via Bluetooth, you’ll be ready to go. Just create an account and fill out some basic information on your profile. From there, the strap will start collecting data for optimal use.

Amazon Halo vs WHOOP Strap — Features

Both fitness trackers come with the standard monitoring of sleep, exercise, and heart rate, and the ability to join their memberships. However, when comparing the Amazon Halo vs WHOOP Strap, they each have their own unique features:

Amazon Halo — Workout Programs & Tone Analysis

With an Amazon Halo membership, you have access to hundreds of on-demand workout classes and new programs to optimize your health. Plus, the device can analyze your body composition, so your weight won’t just be a number on a screen. Other features include analyzing your activity score and intensity, examining movement health, and monitoring your sleep stages.

One of our favorite things about this fitness tracker is its ability to analyze your voice’s tone. It’ll give you an idea of your energy and positivity levels and how other people perceive you in conversation.

The WHOOP Strap — HRV & Personal Documentation

The WHOOP Strap has fewer features, but the ones it does include can make a big difference in how you track your health. Two special features the WHOOP Strap has are the ability to monitor your recovery and measure variations in your heart rate (HRV).

This fitness tracker also has WHOOP Live, where you can overlay real-time data onto videos of your exercise. It can analyze your response to training stimuli and improve your overall performance. In addition, there is a WHOOP Journal to write down your lifestyle behaviors regarding nutrition, sleep, recovery, and impacts on your body.

Amazon Halo vs WHOOP Strap — Appearance

Some people may like a certain look and feel of a fitness tracker for their overall style choices. Here is how the Amazon Halo vs Whoop Strap compare in terms of appearance: 

Amazon Halo — Sleek & Simple

The Amazon Halo look is very simple and can go well with basic workout clothes. The strap options for the Amazon Halo come in three basic colors: black/onyx, blush/rose gold, and winter/silver. They come in different band sizes, and you can choose between a fabric band or a silicone sports band.

The WHOOP Strap — Multiple Customization Options

Whoop has a more sophisticated band design if you are looking for a band that pairs well with workout clothes and street clothes. There are many band colors and designs to swap out to fit your style and activity level. If you want an even more effective workout tool with a sporty look, you can opt for a bicep band.

Amazon Halo vs WHOOP Strap — Price

Fitness trackers are not very expensive. If you are constantly using it and will keep it for a long time, then it is well worth the cost. Here is how the price differs between Amazon Halo vs Whoop to see which price point works best for what you want from a tracking band:

Amazon Halo — Cheaper from Month-to-Month

The Amazon Halo band itself costs $99.99 and comes with a free six-month trial to the brand’s membership program. You can unlock more benefits that come with the tracking band and app by paying for the very affordable $3.99/month membership.

The WHOOP Strap — Free Band

With WHOOP, the band is free when you pay for a membership to the company’s app and programs. There is a monthly membership of $30, an annual membership of $24 per month, and an 18-month membership of $18 per month. With an annual membership, you save 20% off. And, with an 18-month program, you save 40%!

Improve Your Fitness Level Today!

After learning and comparing the Amazon Halo vs WHOOP Strap, it is important to remember these tools help you stay active, receive enough hours of sleep, and improve physical strength and endurance. A fitness tracker can keep you motivated to achieve better stats and lay out a healthy lifestyle. For a step in the right direction, click here to learn more about how to improve your health and fitness level.

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