An Arm Sleeve That Makes Studying Easier?


For students in post-secondary schools, stress, worry, and anxiety over grades is a widespread problem. The enormous pressure that so many students are under to succeed has, in recent years, led to the widespread adoption of some dangerous habits – a recent study performed at Ohio State University found that 1 in 6 college students admit to using study drugs, and more than 16% of students use drugs that haven’t been prescribed to them. This is a dangerous and worrying trend, but a new tech company called eSmartr is helping to solve the problem with a unique, easy, and 100% natural solution for reduced stress and better focus.

eSmartr is a smart compression sleeve company that was founded in 2018 after its co-founders, who were university students at the time, faced pressure to use drugs to manage their stress and anxiety so they could improve their focus and study more. They wanted to find new solutions for how to study attentively that didn’t pose risks to their physical and mental health, and found a 100% natural way to do just that. The solution they innovated? Wearing a special compression sleeve.

How the sleeves work

Wearing a compression sleeve is simple enough, but the science behind the technology in the sleeve is what really makes it so appealing: it is based on haptic, or touch-based, science. Much like when you experience pain or itchiness, signals are sent to your brain when a specific pattern and combination of skin receptors are activated.The technology inside these sleeves does the same thing, but instead targets your dysregulated cognitive networks to help them perform better. And after conducting years of research and studies, it was clear that this incredible sleeve helped people manage their stress and anxiety levels so they could cope better and focus more.

Most people do not enjoy studying and no one likes feeling stressed or anxious, especially about their own careers and futures. But taking drugs that have not been prescribed to you, and especially taking stimulants without a doctor’s guidance is dangerous. In many cases, the lost sleep, long study sessions, and eventual crash after the drugs wear off actually leaves the abuser worse off than before. This is what eSmartr is hoping to reduce, by offering a new, natural alternative to help students reduce their stress and improve their study habits.

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