An Easy and Acute Guide For Urinary Incontinence


Many people suppose that urinary incontinence is an elderly issue only. Still, age is not the decisive factor, and everyone may face bladder weakness at some point, regardless of years. This condition is highly prevalent, but most choose to suffer in silence. It happens because people are ashamed or embarrassed to talk about their problems with specialists as well as family.

Typically, to eliminate or reduce leakages rapidly, you need pretty easy solutions, even if incontinence has disturbed you for a few months or years. Just seek professional help and don’t struggle alone. It is crucial to be aware of your health issues and handle them. So, today we will explore useful info connected with urinary incontinence and how to manage it efficiently.

Incontinence Types Variety

First, let’s clarify what the essence of UI is. Incontinence means bladder weakness resulting in unintentional urine discharges. They distinguish the following UI kinds:

  • Stress- Urine passings arise every time there is pressure on the bladder, like coughing, laughing, or sneezing.
  • Urge- Urine leaks out when you feel an immediate, strong urge to pee.
  • Overflow – It is a frequent chronic leaking due to the inability to empty the bladder fully
  • Total- When you absolutely cannot control your urinary output since the bladder doesn’t store urine.

Onsetting Bladder Weakness Risk Factors

You may be surprised, but UI causes are not limited only to aging or heredity. If you yet don’t know other reasons influencing urinary incontinence development, it is high time to study them to prevent such a condition in the future.

1. Careless Sports

Some physical activities can overtax the abdomen or pelvic floor, causing urination. This also relates to gymnastics, athletics, volleyball, basketball, horse riding, trampolining, and lots more. Doctors say it is better to avoid exercising with shocks, jumps, or jerks and opt for more temperate sports like swimming, pilates, cycling, and walking.

2. Inappropriate Lifestyle

In case you don’t keep to a balanced diet and use too much coffee and alcohol drinks, it may considerably harm your bladder, provoking incontinence. So try to stay hydrated with water or herbal tea and exclude junky food and caffeinated beverages. Moreover, smoking has a negative impact since smoke puts coughing and leads to pelvic floor weakening.

3. Poor Posture

Bad posture puts excessive pressure on the organs, including the pelvic floor. That way, weakened nearby bladder muscles cannot keep the urine.

4. Overweight

Statistics say that extra-weight people tend to have UI and obesity only adds condition severity. Therefore, consuming healthy food and performing workouts are essential to keep body shape and abdominal muscles toned.

5. Pregnancy and Giving Birth

This factor connects only with women and is the most common incontinence reason. Baby weight and vaginal delivery itself may substantially impair pelvic floor muscles. Thus, it is critical during pregnancy to learn about relaxing the pelvic floor and, after childbirth, to adjust its muscles to restore their tone.

6. Menopause

This female condition is accompanied by a hormonal decrease and perineal muscle tone decline which in turn make the bladder weakened. Besides healthcare experts’ offered solutions, daily pelvic floor training can solve the problem to a great extent.

Incontinence Products

No less important to understand what type of UI product is right for you. With the diversity of choices, you will doubtless find your cup of tea. All you need is to identify which UI kind you have. So let’s review various incontinence product options.

1. Liners

Designed for light and moderate urination, UI liners are highly comfortable. Owing to various absorbency levels and lengths, they may easily adjust to your underclothes and be used in pairs with adult briefs or protective underwear.

2. Pads

Though incontinence pads are also for light and moderate leakages, they are more advanced than liners. Pads have a specific polymer layer soaking up the fluids and protecting the skin from moisture. With varied absorbencies, they assure absolute comfort and dryness. You may utilize them with ordinary underwear as well as reusable briefs.

3. Protective Underwear

Unlike incontinence pads, this product is a one-piece garment with an absorbing ability from moderate to heavy urine passings. Due to incredible elasticity, pull on and offs will be a piece of cake. Protective underwear will be a perfect solution for people who suffer from considerable leaking nightly. Since they have an immense protective layer to absorb urine, you will feel comfortable round-the-clock.

4. Briefs

Moderate and heavy urine discharges won’t make you experience discomfort and wetness if you try incontinence briefs Like protective underwear, they are separate integral clothing items. No one absorptive thing can compete with these briefs as its custom design of a protective polymer layer provide a vast absorbing area. Although being pretty large in size, incontinence briefs enable you with comfort, cleanness, and extreme soaking up all the time.

Sure, there are many other devices to deal with urine leakages, but mentioned above products are the most popular and efficient.

Having a good understanding of incontinence-connected issues, it is worth revealing what measures to take for managing UI. So we will rely on tips from Becky DeLuca.

She is a nurse practitioner at Mayo Clinic Health System in New Prague. In the obstetrics and gynecology department, Becky helps women eliminate or reduce incontinence of varying severity. DeLuca has attained a Master of Nursing from the University of Cincinnati and has a national certificate as a women’s health nurse practitioner. Having 14-year experience as a registered nurse and a nurse practitioner, Becky is the really skilled specialist you may trust to.

Tips to Prevent Bladder Weakness

1. Empty Your Bladder According to Schedule

Try to control your fluid intake and set specific time intervals to urinate, for example, every 2-3 hours. That way, you will train the bladder to fill and empty on time and avoid its muscles weakening.

2. Put Irritants Limit

Some liquids like coffee, alcohol, and high-citrus content are extremely hard for our bladder to process and may negatively affect urination. So reducing their consumption as well as giving up smoking, you are likely never to meet incontinence problems.

3. Train Pelvic Floor

Surveys show that training and strengthening pelvic floor muscles can lessen urinary incontinence by approximately 80-90%. Kegel exercises at least 10-15 minutes per day is the best way to do this.

4. Treat Constipation

Frequent difficult stools can cause and provoke bladder pressure to grow. However, if you drink enough water amount, eat food rich in fiber and take vitamins, your bladder fills and empties will be trouble-free and well-timed.

5. Keep a Diary

A good practice would be to note each of your fluid intake and toilet visiting during the week. Try to record the time of the day, consumed liquid amount, bathroom visits number, and times of leaked urine all over the day. It will give valuable insight to your doctor to prescribe the most efficient treatment.Urinary incontinence is absolutely normal and easily treatable. So relax and don’t be shy or embarrassed to ask for help from your loved ones or to seek a piece of expert advice.

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