An In-Depth Look at CBD and How it May Help with Pain, Anxiety, and More

The popularity of CBD can’t be denied, as more people begin to extol its benefits for various conditions, including chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and more. But CBD, a compound found in the marijuana or hemp plant which is known for being anti-psychoactive (unlike another compound, THC), while already known for its various effects, still has to go through a lot more research before scientists can genuinely attest to and prove its advantages.

However, the great aspect about CBD is that it is an all-natural compound, and it has already been made into a supplement in the form of oils or tinctures, capsules, edibles, and more. If you are interested in CBD and its effects and benefits, it pays to know as much about it as you can. Here, then, is an in-depth look at CBD and how it may help with pain, anxiety, and more.

How CBD may help with anxiety

Researchers can say that CBD shows a lot of promise when it comes to the treatment of anxiety and related disorders. According to a study done in 2015 and published in Neurotherapeutics, CBD was able to demonstrate anxiolytic properties or properties which can lead to relief from anxiety. In various studies, it was shown that a dosage of around 10mg per kg showed potential in treating anxiety symptoms such as muscle tension, dizziness and headaches, edginess, insomnia, tiredness, and shortness of breath, among others.

The reason for the potential of CBD in the treatment of anxiety may come from how the compound acts in regard to brain functions. There are many cases where CBD can act as an ‘agonist’ which means that it can trigger or release an opposing response when it binds to a receptor in the brain. In a particular study in 2017, men who were scheduled to speak publicly were given either a placebo or CBD oil before their speech, and their level of anxiety was measured through their heart rate, blood pressure, and so on. According to the researchers, those who were given 300mg of the compound showed less stress and anxiety compared to those who were merely given the placebo.

How CBD may help with pain, especially nerve pain

It is well known that many individuals who have chronic pain (including those with cancer) have already been prescribed with medical marijuana, and some evidence shows that CBD affects pain as well. For instance, in a 2012 experiment published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine, laboratory rats which were injected in their hind feet with chemicals that led to inflammation had less neuropathic pain and inflammation when they were given a dose of CBD, both orally and as a spinal injection. Some scientists have the belief that CBD can reduce pain in the nerves because it can bind with the brain’s glycine receptors, which regulate and control the speed with which various nerve signals can pass between the body’s nerve cells.  Be sure to also consider cbd cream for pain relief.

Of course, studies on humans and nerve pain are still lacking, and even those studies which already exist include another compound, THC, so it is still a challenge to isolate the true effects of CBD.

CBD is also closely associated today with the treatment of addiction and even heart conditions such as high blood pressure, but, as mentioned, research is still quite limited and not much knowledge is known as of the moment. A lot of research still has to be done, but with the proper research and information, it would come as no surprise if CBD turns out to have the positive effects to which many people have already attested.