An Overview for Amazon Marketing Strategy

It is quite fascinating to observe how the internet has forever changed our lives. You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone in your circle who doesn’t spend at least a couple of hours every day on the internet, whether that is to use social media platforms, watch streaming services, or inquire about something. There are even a ton of jobs performed strictly online now. The internet has affected just about every industry out there, but the one it changed the most was retail. Products and services began taking a shift from your average brick and mortar store to the online world, and that changed everything. Take Amazon, for instance. Retailers can sell their products via the world’s largest online shopping platform for a huge profit, without even the need to invest in a storefront and salespeople! But to do something like that, you need to know how to market your products on Amazon. This overview will help you do that.

Understand the Competition

Before you can even begin to plan a marketing strategy on Amazon, you need to understand the competition, and it is fierce, to say the least. Estimates vary as to just how many products are there on the website because millions are added by the day! But Amazon has over 600 million products if you factor in all the different marketplaces. Yes, you read that number correctly, and that should give you an idea about just what you need to do to stand out among the competition. It is not just about marketing strategies to ensure your product reaches a lot of people, but rather how you do it to demonstrate that you are offering something unique that no one else is offering.

Product Description is Everything

As we just mentioned, there are probably thousands, if not millions, of other retailers selling what you’re selling. So, why would a shopper take your product, not theirs? It all comes down to the product description because this is the first thing that gets their attention. As explained on, this is why considering an optimization service might be a good idea. You need your Amazon business to be completely optimized, starting with the product details page, because no one will click ‘add to cart’ if they feel like any details are missing or purposely hidden. The title needs to be on point, with exactly the keywords that people might be using, while being natural and unforced.

Images Come Next

Well, it wouldn’t be accurate to say that images come next in importance, because they are part of the product description and are just as important as text. While online shopping is extremely popular now, people still often feel uneasy about buying goods they can’t see or touch. So, your images need to reassure them that they are indeed buying something valuable and authentic. Amazon has guidelines for the images, and you need to follow them thoroughly. They should be at least 1,000 pixels, and the larger and clearer, the better obviously. The image needs to be centered on the product and nothing else. More importantly, the image has to be an actual representation of what the product really looks like, so avoid any shady techniques to enhance or make it look different than it actually is.

Reviews are Quite Important

When it comes to online shopping, particularly through Amazon, reviews are probably the most important angle to finally persuade the person to buy your products. People want to see what others have to say about the product, and it makes a huge difference in their final decision to complete the purchase or not. You should know, though, that reviews have to be authentic and ethically obtained or else you might get into trouble with Amazon. So, send follow-up emails to your customers, but only pertaining to their last order, and never try to lure them to do reviews by offering discounts or anything. They have to do it willingly without any incentive.

Search Engine Optimization

You cannot hope for people to find your products without investing in search engine optimization. This is how your product page can reach the top of search engine results, and how people will find you before competitors. So, invest in keyword optimization, excellent copywriting, clear images, and all other SEO angles that would boost your search engine ranking.

While the competition is fierce on Amazon, you can still stand out and even make your products bestsellers on the website. But that won’t happen overnight. You need to invest in proper marketing strategies and hire experts to help you get the word out about your brand, and you will achieve much by doing so.