Answering The Question- Are Automatic Opening Knives Legal?

An automatic pocket knife is traditionally known as switchable pocket knives. You will also find a variety of springs. Unlike assisted opening knives, in this variety, you simply have to press a button, and the blade will come out instantly, and further locks the blade into its position. An automatic pocket knife is compact enough to be carried in a pocket or sometimes on a keychain.

Have A Look Into The Legality Of Automatic Pocket Knife

An automatic pocket knife is unquestionably handy and familiar. However, sometimes, their ownership can be illegal in certain places like the airport, that having one will get you in big trouble. There are some general guidelines in each state that are to be followed by owners of a pocket knife. If you want to buy or carry a pocket knife, you have to abide by the following:

  • Live in a state where the ownership is legal, or work in law enforcement or the military.
  • You can buy an automatic pocket knifeafter successfully verifying your government, military employment, or law enforcement status.
  • You cannot carry an automatic knife concealed.

That is why, to avoid the future fuss, check your local laws on the owner’s legality before you set out to buy an automatic knife.

Check Out The State-Wise Blade Length Restrictions:

A few states in the U.S. have specified blade lengths for an automatic pocket knife. Here is a list of a few from the states:

  1. Kentucky- ownership is legal only with a weapon license.
  2. California- less than 2-inches of blade length
  3. West Virginia- possession is legal for citizens above 21 years.
  4. Connecticut- not more than  1.5-inches blade length
  5. Nevada- maximum of 2-inches blade length was legal until 1st July 2015
  6. Washington- while manufacturing is allowed, possession limits to emergency personnel and law enforcement.
  7. Illinois- ownership is legal only with a valid Firearms Owners Identification Card.
  8. Maryland – can legally possess if not concealed.
  9. Colorado- concealed pocket knife with 3.5-inches blade length
  10. Montana- until 2019, a maximum 1.5-inches blade length was legal.
  11. North Dakota- maximum 5-inches blade length limitation
  12. Ohio- possession is legal, manufacturing is illegal.
  13. North Carolina- carrying a concealed automatic pocket knife is illegal.
  14. Massachusetts- blade length of maximum 1.5-inches
  15. Vermont- smaller than 3-inches of blade

Check out the differences between assisted and automatic pocket knife:

With similarities like high portability, spring-loaded action to eject the blade, and instant blade ejection, an automatic pocket knife is different from assisted ones in the following ways:

  • A non-automated or assisted knife has constant pressure placed on the blade, while the blade in the other variant is devoid of any pressure from the spring until it is past a certain point.
  • An assisted knife lacks a safety An automatic pocket knife is relatively safe as it needs the user to put pressure on the blade to open it.
  • The assisted knives come with a button that keeps the knife in position. However, there is no additional feature to hold down the knife in spring assisted knives in a closed position.

A Brief History Of Knives:

To make the discussion about automatic pocket knife more interesting, let us give you a brief sneak peek into the history of knives. Even though knives as weapons were widespread during Prehistoric Times, it is not only until recent times that the knives are specifically designed for the dining table. But, they still continued to be an essential weapon.

  • Knives were first used as a cutlery item almost more than 500 years ago.
  • The earliest variant of knives was made of Flint.
  • Copper was first used to craft symmetrical double-edged daggers.
  • It was much later that metal knives came forth.
  • The Bronze Age saw the first single-edged knife more than 4000 years ago.

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