Answering Your Questions on Roof Replacement with Solar Panels


If you’re looking to replace your roof, and you have solar panels installed on them, you might be thinking one of three things. ‘Do I need to remove the solar panels to replace my roof?’ ‘Can the roofers handle the removal and installation of solar panels?’ and can I directly build a solar panel on my new roof?

This post will answer all the questions you might have about roof replacements with solar.

Tips for Replacing your Roof with Solar Panels

You must uninstall solar panels to replace your roof There is no way to replace your roof without removing your solar panels. It is also important to note that roofers aren’t responsible for removing your solar panels. You need to get experts to remove the solar panel before the roofers come in.

This also means that you’ll be without solar energy for a few days, especially the first day spent on the uninstallation and another day spent on the reinstallation. Also, bear in mind that the roof replacement project often takes a few days, so prepare in advance before starting.

Your New Roof Material is Important

Don’t be tempted to purchase a cheaper roofing material to save cost or increase style, or for some other reason. This is because the mounting hardware of your solar panel might need changing if you change the roof as some roof materials use different solar mounting brackets.

Replacing your mounting hardware can increase the cost of your reroofing project by thousands of dollars, so talk to your solar installation company and roofers to reach an agreement before purchasing the roofing material.

It is more cost-effective to replace your Roof Before Installing Solar Panels

If you are yet to purchase the solar system for your house or install it? It is better to change your roof first before installing a solar panel because it will cost a lot to purchase new roofing materials and install them. You also need to remove and replace the solar panel if it has already been installed.

So, ensure that your roof has close to 20 years of usage left and has been certified to be in good condition by a roofing expert.

Have Your Solar Installers and Roofers Work Together

Seeing as your solar installers and roofers will be working together on the project, it is best to ensure that they both work together, even as you liaise with them. Always choose a roofer willing to work with a solar installation company and vice versa.

Share the contact information of both companies so they can plan and work together to ensure a successful project.

Do you know you can get a New roof for free when you go solar?

There are a few solar companies that handle both the installation of the solar systems and that of your roof. Evergreen Solar is one such company that helps you install a new roof for free when you go solar. They bundle the projects together to help you save money without having to fork over any money up front. It’s definitely a great option to tackle both projects at once if you’re considering going solar and think you need a new roof.



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