Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Bedding Questions


People interested in furniture, décor, and accessories for the house may also be interested to have a little chat about bedding, it being one of their favorite topics. Enter any department store and you’ll know that bedding is a huge section. And since it’s that big of a store section, with its own jargon and all, we know you might have some questions about bedding and don’t really know who to ask. 

You will know how to choose what is most beneficial for you and also buy according to your budget if you do some digging online. If you live in New Zealand, you’ll find that at, they have taken it upon themselves to gather a few of the most common questions asked and answer them here in this article. This will help you tremendously when it’s time to choose a new bed, mattress, sleeping pillows, accent pillows, sheets, bedcovers, or any other bedding accessories. 

So, let’s get started with the first question!

Q. How often should I change my mattress?

  1. That’s certainly one of the most asked questions. It’s usually recommended to change a mattress every 7 to 10 years. Chances are that by that time your mattress might be worn out or at the very least not giving you the same support it once gave you. A saggy mattress will not align your neck and spine properly, causing you back and neck pain. Alongside that, dust mites would have probably made your bed their bed as well. Many people are allergic to dust mites and experience watery or itchy eyes, runny nose, and sneezing. All this is good enough reason to replace your mattress at the recommendation of the manufacturers.

Q. How firm should a mattress be?

  1. This is another popular question. Some mattress might be labeled as super firm or super soft. You’d be better off staying away from either extreme. Most mattresses will be scaled from 1 to 10; 1 being the softest, with 10 as the firmest. Although your size and weight will be a factor, the average-sized person will go with either a 6 or 7, which would be medium firmness. When you buy a new mattress, keep in mind that it will take around one month to break in. So, don’t panic if it’s feeling a bit weird under you. It’s not much different than the feeling of new shoes that take some time to fit like a glove and give you the most comfort.

Q. What is a thread count?

  1. The thread count helps determine the quality of a sheet and simply refers to the number of threads in one square inch of fabric. Quality sheeting could range anywhere from 200 to 800 and above. Generally, the higher the thread count, the softer the sheet, and the more resistant it will be. Look for the word “percale,” which means the sheet has a thread count of 180 or higher. This isn’t to say that a sheet without a 200 count can’t be good. With fewer chemicals and more mechanical finishing used these days, sheets can be low on thread count and still be of quality. 

Q. How many pillows should I have?

  1. We’re tempted to say as many or as few as you want, which is actually close to the truth. First off, it depends if you’re considering accent pillows as your pillows for sleep or not. Generally, 6 or less accent pillows are good. Pillows for sleep would typically be bigger than accent ones. A comfortable size for sleeping pillows for many people would be 20 or 22 inches.  Adding silk super king pillows as big pillows proves to be very beneficial. As they are of higher quality and are made from pure fabric materials that are skin friendly and protect your hair as well. To have them, contact a super king bedding supplier because they are the only one who can provide you with the appropriate size and high quality.  Keep in mind that an expensive mattress plus cheap sleeping pillows equals a cheap mattress! The benefits of an expensive mattress will not show if your pillows are no good, so don’t be skimpy when choosing pillows.

Q. Should I wash my pillows?

  1. Clearly, you wash your pillowcases, but we tend to forget about the pillow itself. Giving pillows a bath every 6 months is a good ideal. Fiber, and even feather pillows can be put in a washing machine on a gentle cycle using a gentle detergent. Foam pillows, however, can get lumpy if you do that, so another option is to vacuum them or toss into the dryer for around 20 minutes.

That’s a wrap for a few of the most asked questions in bedding. Bedding is essential to our sleep comfort, and sleep comfort is essential to our daily productivity. When you have a comfy bedroom with inviting bedding, it almost seems like the answer to all of life’s little problems.

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