Apple iPhone 12 Compared to the Future Release in Late 2021


With the latest release and redesign of the Apple smartphone, the iPhone 12 has plenty of features for those looking to upgrade. Not many users are adventurous enough to buy the latest technology when there’s a new device, but it does provide some of the most cutting-edge features. In fact, there are many benefits to owning such a new piece of technology that you can carry around with you in your pocket.

To make things simple, you probably shouldn’t buy the latest iOS device if you have one of the previous Pro models. However, if you have one of the previous non-Pro devices and beyond, then definitely consider this upgrade for your newest smartphone.

Current iPhone 12 Features

The most apparent aspect is the redesign of this device. It looks less like the X, XS, and 11 and much more like the older 5 and 5S. This is done with flat aluminum bands encircling the device instead of curvier ones. It’s also a lot like the recent iPad Air and iPad Pro, and possibly the new MacBook notebooks coming out later this year. The cameras remain with a separate bump in the corner and the subtle but smaller notch on the screen.

As far as the display is concerned, it’s the first time that every single model has OLED. It’s the standard Apple Super Retina XDR feature instead of the Liquid Retina display. This means that it has a high-quality HDR with a much better contrast ratio. It’s also at an impressive 460ppi resolution and can even put up to 1200 nits of brightness. That’s quite a lot in something that can fit in your pocket. It’s also one of the most durable displays available.

The A14 Bionic 5nm processor is the latest in Apple Silicon, and it’s one of the fastest available in any modern mobile device. This is done with more than 11.8 billion transistors available, making it 50% better than other processors and 20% better than the previous A13 chip. When it comes to the Neural Engine, it consists of a 16-core CPU, which is actually 80% better than the A13 Bionic. This is used for machine learning as well as photography.

Possible iPhone 13 Features

Possible iPhone 13 Features

It’s expected that this smartphone will keep with the latest redesign from the 12, though the high-end devices may finally come with the 120Hz ProMotion display that the current model was rumored to have. It may also come with a 1TB option for those looking to shoot many 4K and 8K videos on their iPhone. Other than that, it’ll, of course, release improved versions of its processor, camera, and battery.

In Conclusion

It’s apparent that many iPhone 12 features make the smartphone worth buying, including a new processor, camera, and a brand new design. It’s also the first Apple product that features 5G, the latest in mobile internet technology available. The current model is great for just about anyone who needs a modern phone that helps in all areas of life, along with business and personal relationships. If you already have the previous Pro model, consider the current one.

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