Apps You Need for Your Upcoming Vegas Trip


Having a vacation in Las Vegas is indeed incredible and it is one of those typical American experiences. You can do a lot of things here such as relax in spas or enjoy the crystal clear pools, dine-in different restaurants that offer appetizing foods or spend some time in casinos where you can play some slot machines or maybe try betting on sports as well.

When you visit Las Vegas, you’ll certainly be keeping a record of a lot of the things that will happen on your trip. Your smartphone might always be with you because of Facebook and Instagram, and other social media apps where you can share your photos. But aside from those usual social media apps, there are other apps that can make your Vegas trip fabulous.

If you will be heading to Las Vegas soon, then here are some of the best apps that may help you with a lot of things. With these apps, you can get free comps, dividesome cash with your friends, find great deals, have free Wi-Fi access wherever you go, and more.

Groupon and Living Social

These apps can be really helpful while you’re on vacation in Vegas. They are great in looking for deals on foods and drinks. It can also offer you club parties and discounts on buffets. When you’re already in Las Vegas, you can use these apps to see the hot deals that are available near you. You can also filter the results for where you want to go to make it easier to choose. These apps are wonderful if you are looking for nightlife deals, sightseeing offers, and more.

Hotel Tonight

If you haven’t booked a hotel in Vegas yet or you want to add a night in Vegas to your travel plan, this app is perfect for you. It is a wonderful and free app for last-minute vacationers. It can track hotel specials in advance at the top hotels in Las Vegas. It will enable you to look through available luxury properties which have available rooms. A lot of these offers also cost under $100 a night. Some of the hotels you can book using this app are The Cosmopolitan, MGM Grand, and Flamingo.


When you visit casinos in Las Vegas, you will see unreasonable ATM extra charges on all the machines. If you want to save some money, all you need is to download the AllPoint app. This app displays all the ATMs around you that does not have any extra charges anytime. It will allow you to easily get the cash you need without paying high fees that ranges from $3 to $100.

Square Cash

This app is perfect if you will be visiting Vegas in a group. You can use this app to transfer money to other app users, thus, making it really helpful when your group needs to split payment for a cab or go out for a meal on the Strip. Unlike other cash-transfer apps, Square Cash can transfer money immediately. And when you make your first transfer, you can alsoget $5 in your bank account instantly and you will obtain an additional $5 for every referral who will also download the app and send at least $1 using it.


This mobile application is by MGM Grand Resorts. It can be used for Facebook, iPhone, and Android.You can play in this app some popular casino games like blackjack and slot machines. The great thing about it is that it features free virtual cash that will make you earn real-life rewards. The rewards that you can get in this app include free airfare to Las Vegas, free hotel rooms at MGM properties, tickets to shows, and more.

This app is made by MGM to encourage vacationers to visit their casinos, gamble, and eat at their properties as well. As you play the free games offered in the app, you can exchange your points for up to three rewards which you can use per month. Therefore, if you will be visiting Las Vegas soon, you can play for just a few minutes and your points can be exchanged for discounted hotel rooms, drink deals, and many more.

WiFi Map

When you go to Vegas resorts and you want to use the Wi-Fi, you can be charged more than $30 a day. To help save your money, you can download and use the WiFi Map app. It is awonderful app that will direct you to the nearest Wi-Fi spot. Aside from that, it also sometimes offers passwords to some of the protected networks. This app is great for finding coffee shops when you have a work deadline to finish or you simply need to connect to the internet. It is also a great app to get away from annoying in-room charges.

Las Vegas Sportsbook Apps

If you are aiming to try betting on sports when you visit Vegas, then we can also recommend downloading some Las Vegas sportsbook apps. It’s because sports bettors in Vegas needed to go around the Strip to get the best lines, then do it again the following day to claim the prize for any winning tickets. Doing that can waste lots of your time which is not ideal for those who are only in Vegas for a short vacation.

When you have a sportsbook app downloaded in your mobile phone and it is funded, you can shop for the best lines and place bets wherever you are in Vegas, whether you are in the pool, in your hotel room, in a restaurant, casino floor, and more. Then, you can simply make a trip to cash out balances before you head home.

Sports betting is indeed one of the fun and memorable things you can experience in Las Vegas. If you want to learn more about it before heading to Vegas, you can also visit to read realistic reviews about different bookmakers and online betting websites.

The Action Network App

Shopping for the best line is very essential for any winning sports gambler. To make it easier, you can download and use this app to see live wagering odds for every game from every major Las Vegas casino. This is a lot easier compared to having to open and loaddifferent sportsbook apps.

This app will also allow you to input and track every bet you make to keep track of plays and stay organized. Aside from that, you can also use it to see live win chances so that you will know where you stand with your sports bets at every moment and in real-time.

These are some of the best mobile applications that you need for your upcoming Vegas trip. All of these apps are useful whether you want to find the best and cheapest hotels in Las Vegas, try the best restaurants in town, and as well as enjoy playing in casinos and sports betting with your friends.

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