AR 101: A Guide To 80 Percent Lower Jigs


As a gun enthusiast, an assault rifle from scratch is both taxing and rewarding. You have to deal with numerous and minute parts, as well as learn about gun lingo and terminologies. But you don’t have to worry, as we won’t cover all of that – except for one. Today, we will discuss one of the more critical pieces of AR building: 80 percent lower jigs. We will learn about what it is, how it works, and so on. Also, check out a high-quality and affordable ar15 kit here if you need one.

So What Is An 80 Percent Lower Jig?

An 80 percent lower jig is a variation of a receiver blank you use as a primary component for building an AR-15. Receiver blanks are a kind of gun frame that houses some of the firearm’s action pieces. Blanks are the uncompleted parts that do not come with a serial number. What it means is that you have to do the finalization of the item if you want it to work. That is where an 80 percent lower jig comes in handy. The jig is like a template or stencil you will use to finish the receiver. While some companies and manufacturers produce the equipment in factories and workstations. You as a Do-It-Yourself gunsmith will make your receiver from scratch using the 80 percent lower jig. You will have to do some minute cutting and drilling to get that ideal receiver. The primary objective of the lower jig is to transform your receiver blank into a stripped receiver. Once you finish all of that, the result is the same with a pre-calibrated and FFL-registered stripped receiver.

The Numerous Advantages Of An 80 Lower Jig

The lower percent jig will do more than provide a necessary piece for your precious assault rifle. The following is a list of some of the benefits you can get with such equipment.

  • Using an 80 percent lower jig is easy and convenient. It does not have any complicated aspects.
  • The lower jig is not considered a firearm, unlike a stripped receiver. With that in mind, you can find lower jigs in shops and online gun retailers.
  • As it is not a firearm, you don’t have to get an FFL or federal firearms license to obtain one.
  • Military expertise is not necessary to operate a lower percent jig.
  • Purchasing an 80 percent lower jig comes with a detailed instruction manual for your convenience.
  • Utilizing the jig lets you refine and complete your AR lower receiver.
  • When you order a jig online, the company or entity you ordered from will deliver the item directly to your house.
  • Plus, purchasing one does not have extra fees at all. You can save some sweet cash.

How About Any Disadvantages?

Like most items out there, a lower jig comes with its share of disadvantages. Here are some of them.

  • You will still need to operate power tools to work on the jig.
  • Some jigs might do not have proper designs. This drawback leads to difficulties when setting it up with the receiver for alignment and drilling.
  • There is a risk of damaging the lower jig if you don’t see the instructions carefully.
  • Some 80 percent lower jigs are not compatible with other weapon systems.
  • A 80 lower might not properly fit with your upper receiver. You will have to check it to make sure it does.

Will An 80 Percent Lower Jig Burn Through My Wallet’s Contents?

Some people think that this particular piece of firearm technology is expensive as gems. The truth is that it depends on where you get yours. Regular 80 percent lower jigs cost around less than ninety dollars to more than a thousand. You can save on some precious funds if you peruse around the Web for discounts and deals as you purchase your 80 percent lower jig.

How About Legality Issues?

In general, having an 80 percent lower jig is not illegal. However, there are some states that may have a different point of view regarding the equipment. Some locales might require you to pass a background check first. Others mandate you to obtain a license or certification before you can get your hands on a jig. It would be a swell practice to get in touch with authorities and concerned parties before you buy.

To Finish Things Off

Using an 80 percent lower jig is one step closer to accomplishing that sweet AR-15. However, do consider the technicalities and legality aspects of the firearm item beforehand. It would be best that you secure all of that first so you can be on the safe side of things.




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