Are Decorative Salt Lamps more effective than Natural Salt Crystal Lamps?


Generally, salt lamps are making serious waves in the home décor industry. It is believed to be the new cool of home design. From the kind of aesthetics that comes with the lamp to its health benefits, the crystal salt lamp is truly going to be a great addition to any home or space. Now let’s talk on decorative salt lamps and natural salt lamps to help you make the best choice for your home or office.

Decorative salt lamps

If you’re thinking of buying a salt lamp for aesthetic purposes, then the decorative salt lamp is what you need. With the decorative salt lamp, you can completely change the look of your space to a rare harbor of beauty – whether it is for your sitting room, your office space, your corridor, or even your bathroom, you can use this lamp almost anywhere and create a look to die for.

These lamps don’t just help you beautify your space, they can also help to relieve asthma and ease allergies by improving air quality and reducing the level of air contamination. The lamp can help absorb excess water from the air through hygroscopy. When the lamp is lit, the heat from the lamp bulb dries out vapors leaving the dirt particles and allergens trapped on the salt.

Where can I place my decorative salt lamp for the maximum result?

Where can I place my decorative salt lamp for the maximum result?

You can place this lamp almost anywhere in your home or in the office. Anywhere in the home or office that needs an aesthetic lift, you can place the lamp there. To give you a clearer picture – place it beside your computer on your office desk, beside your mirror in the bathroom, besides your TV in the sitting room, beside a flower in the corridor, or beside any valuable item in the home, just anywhere that needs a glam touch.

At Fab Glass and Mirror, we boast decorative lamps of different shapes and sizes. Check here for specifications.

Natural salt crystal lamps

Natural salt crystal lamps

Some crystal salt lamps are mixed with other types of rocks and they do not contain beneficial minerals, so it’s important that you purchase the real salt crystal lamp for maximum results. How do I know the natural one from the mixed one? Do a little homework and find out the source where these lamps are shipped from plus, make sure you’re buying from a renowned supplier?

You’d agree that we’re always surrounded by our electronic devices, these devices emit radiation that is harmful to our health. In terms of light supply, this radiant light source has none of the beneficial effects of natural sunlight. But with a natural salt crystal lamp, you can improve your living space without worrying about your health.

That’s not all, the natural salt crystal lamp comes with different light colors that can help improve your mood and give you a clearer mental state which makes concentration easier – these make you more productive and proactive. The light from the natural salt lamp creates a calming environment and improves the air quality of the space – this will help you sleep well at night.

Where can I place my natural salt crystal lamp for the maximum result?

Where can I place my natural salt crystal lamp for the maximum result?

One of the best places you can put this lamp is by your bedside. The light creates a soothing glow and an environment that allows you to sleep well. And guess what? It is dim enough so it won’t disturb your sleep. Another great place you can put your lamp for the maximum result is your reading area.  The light from the lamp chunk is set at a frequency that helps improve your mood which will make it easier for you to concentrate.

At fab Glass and Mirror,we have different color options of natural salt lamps to choose from. Check here for specifications.

Which is more effective: natural salt lamps or decorative salt lamps?

Which is more effective: natural salt lamps or decorative salt lamps?

Natural salt lamps are more effective than the decorative ones. Reasons being that some decorative salt lamps are made specifically for aesthetic purposes – its natural shape and content are impaired to improve its beauty and this will make the lamp lose some beneficial minerals. However, with natural salt lamps, you’d get a completely natural lamp, not mixed with any external materials, natural shape and with all its beneficial minerals intact.

Final thoughts

Fab Glass and Mirror can hook you up with the best salt lamps in the market. We boast salt lamps of different colors and sizes and if for any reason you want a customized lamp to fit your space, we can get it done for you in no time. We work closely with our clients and make sure they get the best lamp for their space, so if you’re confused about the type of lamp you need or the size or shape of lamp that best suits your home? Snap out of it! As we will hold you by the hand and make sure, you get nothing less than the best.

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