Are eBikes Easy to Take Care Of?


Reducing pollution as well as avoiding traffic jams and public transportation are some benefits that could drive you to opt for an e-bike ride. Riding a bike also helps you maintain a healthy body and save both time and money. Taking care of your bike can either be hard or easy, depending on the frequency in which you give it attention. To enjoy your bike for a long period of time without problems, follow these tips.

1. Clean the Bike Often

Getting a proper bike means it will offer you a long-term service hence value for your money. To get the right bike, you can take a look here and choose one that will suit your needs. How often you should clean your bike depends on its use.

Dirt accumulates with time and can cause blockage in the motor and chain. You can clean the debris by washing with a rag, degreaser, and a cleaner. When cleaning, it would help to avoid using pressure to spray the bike with water.

The pressure from the hosepipe can quickly cause tears and wear to your bike. To give it extra shine, you can use a dry towel to wipe it off. Cleaning the bike as soon as it gets dirty is one of the best maintenance you can offer it.

2.  Check Tire Pressure

Neglecting the tires is one sure way to wear off your bike fast. To avoid that, you can check your tires before riding the bike to ensure the pressure is right. Inflated tires will not offer you optimum performance and can frustrate your ride.

The bike battery is likely to die fast if you ride the bike with low pressure in its tires. To avoid inflated tires, remember to check your tires once per month. You also need to pump the tires regularly and especially when taking a long trip

3.  Look After the Battery

The battery in the bike is what makes it function as an electric bike, and thus its maintenance is crucial. To maintain it, you need to ensure it gets adequately charged. A well-maintained battery can go up to 5 years.

To keep the battery in shape, you need to top it up with the charger you bought with it. It would help to ensure the temperatures around the battery are not extreme to avoid them destroying the cell. You can charge the battery after taking a ride and switching it off when not in use to extend its lifetime.

4.  Use a Lubricant

Lubricating your bike will help avoid it, making that awful sound due to dryness. Apart from getting rid of the squeaky sound, your bike pedals become efficient thanks to lubrication. When applying the oil, let it soak for some minutes and wipe off the excess.

Apart from using oil on the bike parts, remember to take it for servicing. Some mechanical faults are not visible. A mechanic can see and take care of them before they damage the bike.

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