Are Essay Writing Services Ethical?

There are thousands of writing services on the internet. You can just google “essay writing,” and you will likely be surprised by how many companies offer their writing services. There are thousands of freelance writers and full-time employees who’ve made writing essays their job. You just need to pay a reasonable price, and you’ll get exactly what you need, exactly when you need it. However, writing services are quite a controversial subject. Some people note that papers purchased online can be plagiarized, while others say that using such services is not ethical.

Colleges and universities have honor codes, and all educational institutions agree that students shouldn’t purchase their papers. Even if you have a great, original paper written by somebody else, presenting it as your own is considered academic dishonesty. At the same time, professionals from different industries hire ghostwriters all the time. When you purchase a book written by a famous actor, the chances are that it was written by a ghostwriter or a whole team of ghostwriters, and nobody cares about it. Is purchasing academic papers online any different?

The Inside Perspective

To understand what writing services are and why students use them, you should be either a student or a writer who writes custom papers. There are many online writing services, and this industry is very competitive. Nevertheless, new writing services appear here and there all the time, and the writers are always busy because students use these services constantly.

Writing services have become extremely popular during the last few years. There are hundreds of them, and students use such services for all types of writing, including application essays, research papers and even final theses. The first reason is that many students are just not good at writing. There are ESL students who are expected to write the same papers as native speakers, and ordering papers online is their only solution. There are also very successful and talented students who have perfect English skills but don’t have enough time to deal with numerous assignments. Some people think that only struggling learners hire writers online, but it’s a big misconception.

Custom writing services have hundreds of students from prestigious universities like Harvard, Oxford, Yale, and Berkeley. Most customers need help because of the difficult academic requirements they have to deal with. Professional writers are familiar with these requirements, and they know exactly what professors want to see. However, writing services have all kinds of customers from different areas and backgrounds, and not all of them are students. For instance, many customers need business plans, presentations, or well-written resumes.

Plagiarism and Cheating

Plagiarism is a very serious problem, and students caught on cheating may face severe consequences. All professors know that students may cheat so they always use plagiarism detection software. There are hundreds of online tools that enable you to quickly check any text for plagiarism, and the demand for such software continues to grow.

Plagiarism check services are based on databases with countless academic papers, including essays and research papers on any topic. Many professors note that checking students’ papers for plagiarism is extremely easy. The whole process takes just a few minutes, and you can quickly understand what parts of the paper are plagiarized, as well as where this content is stolen from. If you use someone else’s content without proper attribution, your professor will know it. However, reliable writing services create academic papers from scratch. There’s no plagiarism, so is it cheating?

So Much Work, So Little Time

Different types of writing assignments play an important role in the educational system. Students need to write a lot, but they don’t necessarily have enough time to deal with all of their assignments with no help. As a result, students often need to make a tough decision: they may either write papers of poor quality or ask professionals for help. Online writing services help these students, and they usually guarantee complete originality of their papers.

Obviously, providing 100% original content is extremely important for writing services because otherwise, they will eventually lose customers. There are many proven services where students can order unique papers so that professors will never accuse them of plagiarism. However, if you purchase original papers and submit them, you will still present someone else’s work as your own. As a result, writing services remain subject to controversial opinions.

So, Is It Ethical?

Students use writing services because of tremendous pressure. They need to write a lot of assignments, the academic requirements are strict, but educators don’t care about whether or not students actually have enough time to complete these assignments. Besides, many students have part-time jobs because they need to pay for education. Some students also need to spend time with their families, and writing services help them accomplish all their important goals.

Even though educators often call custom writing academic dishonesty, it doesn’t stop students because students deserve not to be stressed out all the time. Students deserve to get enough sleep, and they shouldn’t become victims of educators who cannot plan the workload properly.

If educators consider writing services unethical, they need to do something about this whole situation so that students won’t need to use writing services, in the first place.