Are Hedgehogs Dangerous Pets?


Having a pet is a good thing. This will teach your child a little responsibility. At the same time, it will ensure that you’re never bored or lonely. If you do get bored, you can always spend a little time with your pet. Nevertheless, it is true that some pets are better than others. Some pets can be dangerous. If you’re buying a pet for your child, it is pertinent to choose one that is going to be safe. So, what do you know about hedgehogs? Are they dangerous? This question will be explored in much greater depth below.

Do They Bite?

Ultimately, there are lots of pets that will indeed bite. The hedgehog enters the picture. However, you should know that hedgehogs are not going to bite randomly. Instead, they’ll usually lash out when they’re feeling stressed out. They’ll also be much more likely to bite when they’re tired or uncomfortable. If you feel that your hedgehog might be irritated, you should probably keep your hand away from it for the time being. Otherwise, you’re going to experience a little bit of pain.

When you get bit, you should not react negatively. This will only cause future problems. Getting violent and hitting the hedgehog is never a good idea. You should keep your thoughts to yourself too. One of the best ways to discourage biting is by blowing on your hedgehog. This will warn them that they’ve done something wrong. However, it will not harm them at all.

Hedgehogs Are Prickly

If you are going to own a hedgehog, you need to understand that they are designed like porcupines. They have skin over their back that is covered with sharp spines. These spines are specifically designed to protect them for a variety of predators. That being said, hedgehogs are still a bit different. They cannot actually shoot out their quills like porcupines can, so this is something that pet owners won’t have to worry about.

However, this doesn’t mean that hedgehogs won’t use these quills to the benefit. When they are caught in compromising situations they will twitch and jump so that their quills poke into the skin and lips of the aggressor. This can make handling a nervous hedgehog tricky, as you might have to utilize a small towel to prevent from getting stuck.

They Will Curl Up

When owning a hedgehog it will not be uncommon to walk into their living quarters and find them curled up. This is also a defense mechanism that they take. They will roll their bodies into tight little balls when threatened. This causes them to point the spine outwards so that predators cannot gain access to their faces and limbs. Since hedgehogs have very strong muscles over their backs it will be almost impossible to get them to unroll once they are curled up. As a pet owner, you will need to understand that it takes time and patience to get them to relax and uncurl.

They Can Be Dangerous

Unfortunately, all pets can be dangerous to some degree. After all, most pets are capable of carrying diseases that can eventually be passed to you. If you learn how to take care of your hedgehog properly, you can limit the risks involved. Nevertheless, this specific pet is capable of spreading a bacteria germ. That germ can eventually cause stomach pain, rashes, and even fever. Therefore, you cannot let the hedgehog’s quills penetrate your child. Simultaneously, you need to wash your hands after you come in contact with the animal.

Failing to do so will increase the likelihood that you’re going to experience problems in the future.

Are They A Good Pet?

At the end of the day, hedgehogs can be a good pet. However, they’re not going to be suitable for everyone. A lot of people are lazy and they’re not going to wash their hands after contact. Or, they might be rough with their pet. This will increase the likelihood that they’re going to get injured or sick in the future. Hedgehogs are a good pet but they’re not good pets for everyone. In order for them to be compatible with you, it is vital to be compassionate, carrying, responsible, and loving. As long as you have these characteristics, you will absolutely love your hedgehog and they won’t cause you any issues.

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