Are Labs Excellent Pets for Families?

Because of the Labrador’s bonny traits it is consider to be one of the most favourite dogs all over the world. In the USA most families prefer to have Labradors because they are very adorable, easy-going and intelligent. There are many reasons, why Americans like Labrador? In this article we are going to reveal the qualities of Labrador that you may not know.

Labrador’s Size

Labradors are solid, study and big in size dogs. Labrador’s appearance is square, and they have study and firm legs. The height of male Labrador is 25 inches but they look much larger because of their appearance. The weight for a small female Labrador is 54 pounds and male Labrador’s weight is 86 pounds.

Labrador’s Personality

According to a leading dog walking company in SF “Labrador is a big size dog that’s why he is very energetic. He needs almost 40 minutes of walk every day. People who like to exercise Labs are the best choice for them because they are very active dogs and the best companion for exercise.”

In general, Labs are fantastic family pets as long as you keep in mind Labs need for training and exercise; they are the outstanding dogs for families.

Labs need training in the early age because they are very strong dogs if you don’t train them in their early age they might drag you down in the street. They are very obedient dogs whatever you will teach them they will listen to you and act accordingly.  Labs are child-friendly, because of their friendly nature they are very much liked by the children.

As we have mentioned earlier Labs are very energetic and they need almost 40 minutes of walk every day. If you don’t take them for a walk they become destructive as they may start digging, chewing, and barking excessively.

Indeed, Labs have number of bonny traits such as they are easy to train, energetic, intelligent and loving pets. Labs like to work with humans; they like to be with them. They aren’t stubborn dogs and with love they can learn everything. Labs are families’ best choice because they don’t misbehave when they are in the middle of people.

Labs are very smart pets and are used for hunting. Because of their instinct they protect their owners from the danger. Labs are said to have been used by hunters for their prey. Labs have much to attract people such as they aren’t aggressive, they aren’t stubborn, and their intelligence, adaptability, and friendly nature make them an ideal pet.

The best thing about labs are that they learn quickly without much effort but always remember one thing, they are very powerful if you don’t teach them in their early ages you can’t handle them later. Besides, labs are very friendly to new animal and people they meet. They don’t feel uncomfortable with new people and animals. They don’t bark without any reason but if you won’t take them for exercise they may bark for the whole day. So you will have to be very careful and active with them.


Labs are endearing, energetic or active dogs. They are the best choice and excellent pets for families. People feel comfortable with them. Those who like hunting labs are best choice for them. They are super intelligent among other dogs. Because of their intelligence they are different to other dogs.  One thing we like about them is that they learn things quickly without much effort and treats. Whatever you teach them they never forget it. Unlike other dogs they aren’t stubborn and aggressive. They like to be with new people and animals. They don’t bark without any reason but if you won’t take them for a walk they become a bit uncomfortable and they can bark excessively at that time. Labs are very faithful pets.