Are Plumbing Leaks Covered by Insurance?


If your water pipe bursts, you may be wondering if your insurance will cover the repairs. Most homeowners’ insurance policies don’t cover leaks and gradual damage caused by plumbing issues, but you can check with your insurer to make sure. Public adjusters can help you maximize your payout. Your insurance commissioner can also provide guidance and help. However, you can’t always expect your policy to cover plumbing leaks and gradual damage caused by slow leaks or sloppy maintenance.

What Does Insurance Cover

A homeowner’s insurance covers sudden damage only, not gradual damage. However, if you don’t take proper care of your plumbing and heating systems, you could find your insurance provider denying your claim. Fortunately, most homeowners’ insurance policies cover plumbing leaks and damage caused by general negligence. Having your plumbing and heating inspected and repaired is the best way to prevent a claim denial. To avoid denial, contact a public adjuster or a Calgary plumbing expert.

If you find out about the leak too late, your insurance company may deny the claim and refuse to reimburse you. Depending on your insurance type, you may have to pay extra living expenses while your home undergoes repairs. If the damage isn’t obvious, you can contact a public adjuster to find a reliable plumber.

Filing An Insurance Claim For Plumbing Repair

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Many home insurance companies will ask for a minimum of three estimates from reputable plumbers. Some will even recommend contractors that they’ve worked with before. If the insurance provider approves the claim, the company will cover the cost of the repairs and the contractor. If your plumbing is old, you may need to get new plumbing installed.

When it comes to plumbing, insurance policies should cover the cost of repairs. If a broken pipe causes the leak, you should contact your insurance agent to determine if your policy will cover the repairs. Some insurance policies also cover a broken pipe or a frozen pipe. If a clogged sewer caused the damage, your insurance may not cover the cost. If you have a leaking toilet or a broken water heater, you may want to consider a separate coverage plan.

The insurance company should cover water damage caused by plumbing failures. But it doesn’t cover water damage caused by a broken pipe, which can affect a neighborhood. This is why your home insurance should include sewage and water damage. If your insurer does cover this possibility, make sure to contact them and get a quote for the repairs. Your insurer will have a list of the types of coverage that you qualify for.

If your homeowner’s insurance does not cover the costs of repairs, you can call a public adjuster to file a claim. This company will help you navigate the claims process, which usually includes contacting several plumbers and presenting your claim. Your insurer will also pay for any additional expenses. If you need assistance with the costs, you can contact a public adjuster. If your homeowner’s insurance company does not cover your expenses, you may need to file a separate insurance claim to cover your living expenses.


Your insurance policy should cover sudden damage. It will not cover damages that have occurred gradually unless you have taken proper preventative measures to prevent them. This is where regular inspections and maintenance of plumbing and electrical fixtures are critical. Maintaining these items is another way to ensure you aren’t paying for repairs. If you notice a problem, contact a public adjuster immediately. It may be possible to receive a large sum of money, but it may not cover all the additional expenses.


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