Are You a Clairvoyant? Here’s 5 Signs to Look For

Clairvoyance, coming from the French words ‘to see’ and ‘clear’, is a special gift that touches a select few souls in tune with the universe.

But don’t trust Hollywood’s interpretation of clairvoyance. If you’re clairvoyant, you may have visions of the future, understand strangers on deep, personal levels, or have access to information that no one else does such as with

Is your vision clear? Keep reading to learn about five signs that may indicate you’re a clairvoyant.

1. The Accurate Prediction of Future Events

No, we’re not talking about looking outside on a cloudy day and saying it’s going to rain. We’re referring to the prediction of distant, sometimes small things that won’t happen for days, months, or even years.

Often, these predictions come to clairvoyants through a deep sense of intuition. Even if a clairvoyant can’t see the entirety of a situation, they may get certain feelings about a person, place, or even an object.

2. Wild or Vivid Dreams

Dreams are the key mechanism through which clairvoyants receive their visions, and for that reason, a clairvoyant’s dreams may seem more lifelike. It may even feel as though the dreamer is really there!

Likewise, certain details may pop up repeatedly like numbers, colors, or places. These details shouldn’t be ignored, as they’re often a manifestation of precognition.

3. Intense Empathy

When a clairvoyant connects with someone, it’s almost as though they’re feeling what the other person feels. This can be frightening and even a little burdensome.

However, it’s that deep connection with others that gives clairvoyants their strength. Some believe this is because clairvoyants rely on the auras or energies of those around them to read the world.

4. Heightened Senses

Remember those vivid dreams we talked about earlier? If you’re clairvoyant, you might be able to taste or smell things in your dreams.

During your waking hours, these senses may be heightened to the point that you’re sensitive around certain smells or light sources. Again, pay attention to these signs, as they could be a form of precognition.

5. A Love of Problem Solving

Clairvoyants make great problem solvers because they can see the big picture. Not only can they sense what a person is feeling on a deep, personal level, but they have a sense of duty to help people right the wrongs in their lives.

Some clairvoyants even use their powers to make a living. Look into getting a free psychic reading to understand more about the process and how it works.

Clearly Clairvoyant: Signs You Have a Gift

Have you experienced any of these five signs? If so, you might be a clairvoyant! Enjoy your gift and share it with the world.

You can use your unique talent to enhance the lives of yourself and those around you, so don’t be afraid to embrace these features and hone your gift.

And if you’re interested in more great content like this, be sure to check back with our blog!