Are you Fascinated by Chandeliers too? Here are 5 amazing chandeliers you can add to your home


House décor is incomplete without proper lighting. And the best way to glam up your lighting is by using a chandelier. A perfect way to define the space and make a style statement. Mind you, no other piece of light can make it. These are gorgeous light pieces that also look aesthetic. However, most individuals are intimidated by buying a chandelier for their homes. The reason? Not knowing how to pick the right chandelier.

It is understandable because picking a chandelier is a challenging task. To make sure you get the right one, you need to:

  • Know the types of chandeliers
  • Consider the entire lighting plan
  • Different layers of light your house has
  • Décor theme
  • Design style
  • Budget

Thus, finding a chandelier is never an easy decision to make. However, once you figure all these things out, the decision to buy a chandelier will be one that you will never regret. To help you out, here are some amazing chandeliers that will look perfect in a house setting.

The traditional black chandelier

If you wish to have a chandelier, a traditional black one is perfect for your kitchen. It is stylish and looks perfect in a modern kitchen setting. However, if your kitchen has a running black theme, a chandelier with an ebony theme will be the selling point. It will illuminate the island, and the kitchen will have its own personality.

Circular wagon wheel chandelier

Another chandelier that goes well with the bedroom or living room is a circular wagon wheel chandelier. An antique chandelier is perfect for a place requiring warmth and illumination. A wagon wheel chandelier has sixteen candelabra bulbs. A person having a wagon wheel chandelier doesn’t have to worry about replacing the bulbs as their life is forever, and they are energy efficient too.

A room that requires elevation must go with this chandelier as its sharp feature makes it the perfect lighting partner for any room, irrespective of the design. The traditional candle-lit wagon wheel chandelier is the inspiration behind this one. However, it is more modern with a sleek and minimalistic design perfect for the 21st century.

Golden shower chandelier

A contemporary living room requires a different piece of a chandelier, like a golden shower chandelier. It has spangled lights cascading down using a niche in your ceiling. It is versatile and sophisticated. Thus, a perfect combination for any room with modern décor. Also, when you have this chandelier in your room, it will be the talking point.

Four-ring chrome and crystal chandelier

A four-ring chrome and crystal chandelier is just the right match for a glamorous look in your room. A crystal chandelier with a crust so precise that it can form shape or lie flat using the concentric circle is worth buying.

These types commonly hang in houses around Australia and the UK. If you, too, are looking for something similar, you can look at chandeliers Sydney.

Birdcage Chandelier

Have a living room with white ceiling and grey walls? Then a birdcage chandelier will look incredible in your living room. This chandelier will bring the entire room together and is ideal for a quiet setting.

Shaded chandelier

Another amazing chandelier for your house can be the shaded chandelier. If any room in your house has a dark accent wall, go with a shaded chandelier. It will compliment the look entirely. Also, with frosted shades, a shaded chandelier ensures the light doesn’t hit you directly, but below the floor, you can surely see overlapping circles of light.

Mistakes people make with their chandelier

  • Buying a chandelier without measuring the ceiling space. The chandelier’s size, weight, and shape should match the ceiling space. So, without knowing that, do not buy one.
  • Not maintaining the chandelier. If you want it to last forever, proper maintenance is required. For instance, use a specific solution to remove stains. Also, use only a cloth to wipe dust. Lastly, never use water on your chandelier.
  • Another mistake people make is not replacing a part when it’s broken. Chandelier parts can get damaged. In such cases, take prompt action and replace it by calling a professional.

Hopefully, reading about these beautiful chandeliers will give you an insight into which one is perfect for your home. Before buying, look at everything from the budget to the design and then buy the best one.



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