Are You Helping Your Reps Overcome Challenges in Selling Products?


Closing deals and selling products have become easier for prospects compared to sellers. Information is readily available, and alternatives fill the market. You can take advantage of technology to sell better by managing the activities of your sales reps and helping them overcome challenges in selling products.

Salespeople these days should focus on selling based on trust. They should also connect with their prospects where they dwell, the digital space. CloudApper is a no-code business platform that can help you create apps that digitize business processes. CloudApper SalesQ is a field sales monitoring app that can help you deal with obstacles salespeople face by letting them report through their phones.

How SalesQ Can Help Your Reps Overcome Challenges in Selling Products

SalesQ can help your team overcome challenges and sell better through the following ways:

Share Marketing Collateral

The resources spent in creating marketing collateral will go to waste if they never see the light of day. SalesQ allows your salespeople to sell better by providing them with digital marketing collateral at a central hub, which can be displayed and sent to prospects to connect better. Presentations that incorporate a lot of visual materials tend to convert more than presentations that do not.

Provide a Digital Product Catalog

Paper brochures are cumbersome to carry around and are mostly avoided in this era of the pandemic. They need to be reprinted when products are updated, and waste a lot of resources. Scanning barcodes to form a digital brochure can help sales reps overcome challenges in selling products. They will be able to provide the latest information to customers, increasing chances of conversion through a streamlined process.

Integrate with Other Apps

SalesQ can integrate with OMNI Accounts and Sage200, helping reps increase their mobility by reporting on accounting functions from the field. Accounting data can be accessed from the field by SalesQ to ensure reps can view and modify data in Sage200. Similarly, information can be viewed on OMNI Accounts, and stock can be transferred to customers’ accounts from the field.

Reporting from the Field

Salespeople always have their hands full with sales tasks and prospecting. Reporting back to the office at the end of the day can bog down their progress and hamper revenue generation. Letting reps report from the field through a mobile app can help increase their mobility and help eliminate old-fashioned paperwork. This makes the selling process smooth and helps reps focus better, helping them to overcome challenges of selling products.

Automating Sales Processes

Getting rid of repetitive administrative tasks can help improve the selling process. SalesQ allows you to track targets and help reps automate reporting functions. You can also be notified when certain tasks are completed, helping you keep tabs on the selling process. These aspects can help reduce the hassles and stress of the sales process and help reps operate better.


Helping your sales reps overcome the challenges in selling products can help your company achieve revenue targets. Sales reps can get help to sell better by providing them with a mobile app that can help them prospect better through the automation and monitoring of their field tasks. CloudApper SalesQ is a field sales monitoring app that can help you streamline the selling process for your sales reps. Sign up now to enjoy a 14-day free trial.

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