Are You Ready for a Dog? A Quick Checklist


For a lot of people, the idea of having a dog is exciting and they are one of the most popular animals that are chosen as pets. It’s not surprising considering how loyal, cuddly, and friendly a dog can be, and the bond you make with your dog is for life. Unfortunately, many people rush into having a dog (or pets in general) and don’t always think about how big of a commitment they are. This often leads to dogs being returned to shelters and abandoned.

To avoid such a heart-breaking scenario, make sure you’re ready to bring a dog home. Look at this quick checklist to give you a rough idea of whether or not you can make this commitment.

Can You Afford It?

You might have thought about the cost of vet bills, insurance, food, and so forth, but don’t think that there won’t be hidden costs to having a dog. Additional services like grooming, buying them toys, dental care, a bed, etc., are all examples of the extra expenses that come with bringing a dog into your life. That’s not to mention the cost of kennels or day-care services you might need if you were to go on vacation or away for work. You might have a friend or family member willing to look after them for you, but if not, you will need to be able to afford this extra care. Before you get a dog, do some research and number crunching to see if you can honestly afford to look after them properly.  Here you can determine if owning a dog is a good call for you and how much it could cost you.

What do You Know About the Breed?

Sure, you think that dog looks cute, but do you know much about the breed? Different kinds of dogs are going to need different kinds of care, and you must understand your dog’s specific needs before you bring them home. For example, do they have a particular dietary requirement? Making sure your dog is fed the right food is essential, so make sure you’re double-checking what’s available on the market for them and the best kind of food you can get. Read the Taste of the Wild Ancient Grains benefits blog post for further information on quality food for pets.

You should also find out about how often your chosen breed needs to be walked, how they interact with other dogs and people, and if they are prone to any particular health issues. All this information is invaluable to looking after your dog properly, and you shouldn’t bring them home without understanding exactly what they need from you.

What About Work?

Dogs tend to be needier than other pets, and usually, they don’t like to be left alone at home. Although there are plenty of dog owners that work 9-5, you should think about how flexible your working schedule is or how you can make sure your dog isn’t left alone too long. If there is another person in your home available, then great! If not, think about using the day-care facilities or find a local dog walker to take them out while you’re at work.

Dogs are amazing, loyal animals that deserve respect and love. Make sure you’re ready to look after them properly before you welcome one into your home.

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