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Pets have been a vital part of the life of man. For many people home is never complete without a pet. Every person has their own preference for the kind of pet they would like to keep. Dogs and Cats are the most popular pets. There are, however, an inexhaustible list of pets: ranging from parrots to goldfish, hamsters, to rabbits and many more. As a matter of fact, some people in higher social classes go to an extent of petting wild cats such as lions!

Pets provide good company and are a source of recreation. Their playful nature goes a long way to inflict joy in the beholder. Owning a pet can be so much fun; but it also comes with a responsibility to tend properly to it. In this article I will outline a few reminders on how to take care of your pet.


Just like human beings, pets get hungry. They need food for growth and to replenish their energy. Ensure you provide sufficient food for your pet. Do not let it sleep hungry or starve for hours on end. Pets can get rather destructive if left hungry.

It is important to keep an eye on the food rations that you provide for your pet. It should be enough to last the pet until it’s next feeding time. Do not overfeed your pet. If you provide too much food at a time, the pet will only have the portion it requires and soil the rest. It is your duty to ensure that the food you provide has a good nutritive value. Ask for advice from a pet nutritionist on the right type of food to feed your pet to prevent it from being malnourished. In addition to healthy food, do not forget to provide drinking water. Dogs do get thirsty and require to keep hydrated. Otherwise, if your dog isn’t drinking water there is a risk of dehydration.

Don’t forget that wild bird food is also the best for your pets.


Does your pet sleep outside or huddle in some corner on the cold floor? If yes, then you must be an irresponsible pet owner. Pets require a warm sleeping area. If you own a dog, then it is only wise to provide it with a sizable kennel with a dog bed. For a cat, you can get it an indoor cat house and a cat bed. If you have a bird, then a cage is the right shelter for it. Remember that shelter is not only for safety and protection, but also warmth and comfort.


How often do you clean your pet? You have to schedule a regular cleaning time for your pet. Not all pets are comfortable being washed with water, but it is important to do so. Use a recommended pet shampoo and lukewarm water to wash your pet.

Washing your pet with shampoo removes pest such as fleas that may have attached themselves to the pet’s fur. It also gives your pet a good scent in place of an undesirable sweaty odor. Pets with clean definitely more attractive to play around with. Do not forget to clean their sleeping areas. Sometimes pests can prepare in their sleeping area. This gives the place a bad smell. It can also create a breeding area for pests. It is therefore important to clean the sleeping area and change the bedding regularly.


Pets do get sick sometimes. If you are a keen pet owner, you may notice your pet is getting sick by becoming generally dull. Other symptoms may be watery eyes, puking, limping or lack of appetite; depending on the disease. If you notice such signs and symptoms, do not hesitate to take your pet to a professional veterinary. Once in a while, you should take your pets for a general health check up. In addition to that, ensure your pet is well vaccinated against diseases such as rabies.

Play toys

Pets, generally love playing. For a dog, a squeeze ball is almost mandatory. Dogs love chasing things around and biting into them. You can also buy your dog a teddy bear or a doll that resembles a puppy. It is definitely something that it will cherish. For Cats, they require something to scratch on. A scratching post with a sisal rope is the perfect gift. But you may wonder, what size sisal rope do you need for your scratching post. For ¼ “ thick sisal rope, the rope should be four times the height of your pet. The entire length of the rope should go around the post.


Exercise keeps your pet’s health in check. It is also a chance for your pet to interact with nature. Pets are more jovial outdoors. Make a habit of taking your pet for a walk regularly. It is a chance for you to interact with the pet beyond the house environment. In the case of dogs, ensure that the dogs are leashed before going out. This ensures that they do not loiter away into restricted space. Avoid crowded places and places that can expose your pet to dirt and pests. As you take your pet out for exercise, don’t forget to carry a few of its toys along.


Imagine a life without friends; it must be quite boring. Allow your pet to interact with other pets. Take it to your neighbor’s place and let it play around with other similar pets. However, do not expose it to pets that may prey on it. For instance, if you have a rabbit, it would be unreasonable to let it interact with a pet such as a bulldog. There is a high chance it will be preyed upon. It’s definitely something that you do not want to imagine. Another option is to get your pet a mate. As nature dictates, all animals require mates. If you are looking forward for your pet to give rise to offspring, then this is definitely a good choice. Pets also enjoy such company.

General love

Pets appreciate being loved. It is important that you show them that you actually love them. One of the best ways to do this is buying them gifts. Have you seen some of those dog shirts being advertised? Get your dog one. It shows a sense of care. Grooming is also equally important. Pets with fur enjoy being groomed and caressed by their owners. They can get quite comfortably in your hands. It’s something thrilling for them. It also builds a strong bond between you and your pet.

In general, pets require our care as much as we require theirs. The more you love a pet, the more the positive feedback you will get from it. It will grow fonder and go an extra mile to please you more. Proper tending and love cannot be too much to ask of you.

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