Are you thinking of getting a second citizenship? Here are Countries you should consider


More and more nations worldwide are starting to provide residents with the option of obtaining dual citizenship. This has a significant beneficial economic and cultural influence on these nations and offers significant advantages to those who are successful in their applications.

Being a dual citizen of two nations makes traveling between them simple. No long-stay visa application is necessary. Additionally, you will not be questioned about the reason for your visit.

Those who can afford it look for citizenship by investment for a variety of reasons. In truth, the majority of individuals undoubtedly take into account a variety of various variables when deciding which nation will be ideal for their needs.

You can obtain new citizenship by investing in a nation easily. The following are the top 5 nations for dual citizenship if you’re considering applying:


Malta is one of the greatest nations with options for obtaining citizenship via investment. It is located in southern Europe, is one of the most inventive nations on the continent, and is predominantly English-speaking. As a new Maltese citizen, you will have complete freedom of travel across the Schengen Area and the whole European Union and access to 184 other countries without a visa.

The applicant must also be able to invest 150,000 Euros in government-approved bonds or stocks, donate a minimum of 650,000 Euros to a government national development fund, and either purchase real estate for at least 350,000 Euros or sign a five-year rental lease with a minimum annual rent of 16,000 Euros.

For a minimum of 12 months, the applicant must be physically present in the nation before submitting a passport application.


Another economical choice to consider in the Caribbean is Dominica citizenship by investment. Despite not being well regarded, Dominican citizenship nonetheless comes with several valuable advantages, including visa-free travel to 122 nations, including Russia, the Schengen Area, and the UK.

You have the option of investing in real estate or as a donor or an investor. You must pay the Dominican Economic Diversification Fund $109,600 to donate as a single application (EDF). Dominican’s asking price for the real estate choice is under $200,000. A family of four needs $247,500, while an individual candidate must pay an additional $233,500 in expenses.


Portugal has a highly popular residency option called the Portugal golden visa that can result in citizenship directly in five years. Applicants and their dependents are given five-year residence permits after making an investment, enabling them to live, work, and enter Portugal without restriction. Another advantage of having a residence permit is visa-free entry into the Schengen Area.

Portugal is a nation rich in culture, history, and delicious food. The area’s inhabitants benefit from a pleasant temperature, a secure setting, and amiable neighbors. In addition, the nation has a strong financial infrastructure and a friendly attitude toward the tech industry.

St. Kitts and Nevis

The citizenship process in this nation, which has the oldest citizenship-by-investment scheme, takes 60 days. Currently, there are just two investment categories.

  • A contribution of USD 150,000 made by an individual or even a family of up to four into a Sustainable Growth Fund.
  • Purchase a property worth $200,000 for seven years or $400,000 for five years, and after paying the processing costs, the applicant and any accompanying family members will be granted full citizenship.

Visas are not required to enter 156 nations, including the EU, the majority of South America, Russia, and the UK, if you possess citizenship of the country.


A Grenada passport may be obtained via investment in approximately three months. Making gifts or purchasing real estate that has received official approval are the two main alternatives available.

It is required that at least $150,000 be donated to Grenada’s National Transformation Fund. The needed gift for a household of four is $200,000. The investment component calls for a $220,000 investment as a co-owner over five years in a local real estate project.

The applicant is not required to go to the state personally during the application period. Additionally, the applicant is permitted to list their siblings, grandparents, parents, and spouse on the application.

A Grenada passport entitles you to visa-on-arrival or visa-free travel to 143 different countries.


Dual citizenship can be the key to living in a nation where civil rights are preserved, and socioeconomic and political stability has been established since many nations are prone to government interference, social unrest, and economic turmoil.

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