ARK: Survival Evolved on Nintendo Switch: Beginner’s Guide

ARK: Survival Evolved is a multiplayer online game which has been around since 2017. However, since it joined Nintendo Switch late last year, it gained massive popularity. The game dumps its players in a remote Island which is inhabited with dinosaurs. The goal is to survive the dinosaurs, and if you are on PvP, you have to endure other players.

It’s why if you have a website in the E.U., you might want to get an ark dedicated server to help you out. For one, it will mean that you can transact in Euro without a worry, and be in compliance with EU standards..

If you just picked up the game recently then here are some tips and tricks that will help you survive.

1. Choose your server cautiously

There are two types of environments which you have to choose to play the game; Player versus Player(PvP) and Player versus Environment(PvE). Since you are a beginner, it is advisable that you choose PVE so that you can get acquainted with the game. Moreover, you don’t have to stress about other players who are out there to kill you.  Once you are familiar with the environment, then you can choose PvP

2. Choose your location wisely

Do you want to die or to survive? You want to survive, and that means choosing a starting location which has enough resources. As a newbie, if you wish to avoid death, then start on the south coast. There are fewer predators and plenty of resources.

3. Get used to death

Honestly, you have to be ready to die a couple of times before you get the mojo of the game. However, it is inevitable to die. When you die, you have two options; to start with a new character or continue with the same character but at the same respawn point. If you choose the latter, you need to figure out where you died so that you can gather your possessions. The worst part is that you only have 20 minutes to pick all your things or you will lose them for good. But the trick to maintaining your possessions is by having a sleeping bag which will re-spawn you to where they are. In the long run, this will save you time

4. The first few minutes matter a lot

ARK: Survival Evolved has no story behind it; the only thing that you need to do is to survive. Therefore the first few minutes on the island are crucial. You will learn how to survive by knowing you how the leveling system works. This includes how to hunt, feed, keeping hydrated, taming beasts, building, and sustaining harsh elements. Moreover, there is the ARK Robust System which you need to pick up. It will help you gather resources and tools you need on the island.

5. Watch what you carry

Every item which you come across you is required to take. However, your character can only carry a certain amount before it is obstructed. Thus you are prone to predators. A piece of advice is to pick up what you can take unless you want to be dinner for one of the dinosaurs.