ARKET purchase tutorial

1. Register an account

First search and enter the arket official website, click on the account in the upper right corner to register or log in. For registration, you need to select create account and fill in the box password and other information to register.

It should be noted here that the country or region needs to be selected as the default recipient address region when registering.

Register an account

2. To buy goods, as shown in the figure below, choose the style you like, choose the size on the right, and add it to the shopping cart. If you are not sure about the size, you can click on the size guide to see the size comparison table as a reference.

Register an account 2

3. Fill in the discount code in the shopping cart, the newcomer discount code is generally arket, you need to subscribe to the mail box before you can use it (you can also try it if you don’t have a subscription)

Register an account 3

4. Fill in the receiving address (before the shopping cart is settled, you can switch the receiving country at the bottom of the product, and you can’t switch after entering the shopping cart, so you need to pay attention to where you want to post it in advance), the editor here uses the UK address for receiving example.

Register an account 4

5. To pay, choose credit card payment, fill in the credit card information, pay attention to the security code not to fill in the wrong.

Register an account 5

Concluding remarks

After filling in the payment information, click buy now to pay the order to complete the purchase.

The above is the strategy of arket UK official website.