As sweet as chocolate (Swiss): 6 tips for travelers in Switzerland


Switzerland is a super charming country with beautiful and compact cities. Traveling through the country is very easy, because everything is very organized. If you are planning a trip through this lovely country, it is always good to know that …Interested? Just keep reading!

Switzerland is full of mountains, lakes, rivers, and beautiful landscapes that you cannot miss visiting. The Luxury Tours Switzerland facilities help plan a trip to this beautiful country. Also, the following tips will help you explore Switzerland in the best possible way.

1. Take the train. It is the most practical, fast, safe and comfortable way to travel around the country. The landscapes are beautiful. The rail system is first-rate and always on time. Not to mention that most cities run from the train station, so you are always very well located. Not to mention that the country is very small, and can be totally crossed in 3 hours by train! Not to mention that there is always a way to go anywhere. Just get in the station and buy.

2. Tourist Information Centers (CIT) are your best friends. They are usually present at (or close to) train stations, distribute city maps for free, have info on hotels and hostels (and can even get you one if you get there without a place to sleep!) And sometimes even offer citytours for free! In other words: they should always be your first stop.

3. Walk towards the water. Switzerland is a cluster of lakes. Or at least sometimes you get that impression. So you’ll end up noting that cities usually happen around the lakes or eventually the rivers. So if you fall out of a parachute somewhere and your best friend CIT is closed, look for water!

4. 17 hours is the limit. Okay, it’s a bit of an exaggeration … but very little. The vast majority of things close between 17 and 18 hours, even in the big cities. So organize your days to do everything until that time. In some cities, it will be difficult to find an open restaurant.

5. Switzerland is a unique country, divided into three main areas: German Switzerland, French Switzerland and Italian Switzerland. Each area speaks its own language (yes, all these languages ​​are official) and it recalls some characteristics of the country from where that language comes. In this way, German Switzerland is the most organized and bureaucratic, French Switzerland enjoys good food and wine, and Italian Switzerland has gelato, beautiful churches and mess (compared to other areas).

6. Finally, Swiss chocolate is globally recognized as exceptional. It’s worth remembering that it’s not just expensive and special stores. You can buy any cheap brand at the same supermarket, which, I guarantee, will be very good already! Oops, I forgot one important thing! Switzerland is home to many of the world’s leading watchmakers. This small country is a leader in the global watch industry, offering a combination of precision and luxury. If you’ve heard of Tag Heuer, Rolex, Breitling and so on, you must have heard of Switzerland’s reputation.

Hopefully by reading this article, you can have useful initial information before actually setting foot in the country.


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