Astrology: The Mystery Revealed: What Astrologers Do And How They Do It!

Astrologers have been around for thousands of years. Yet, even though it’s almost 2023, many people still don’t understand what astrologers do and who they are. The question is, what does an astrologer do? Using the order of the stars and planets in the Zodiac, astrologers interpret human behavior based on constellation placement. A series of symbols representing regional lore and individuals’ personalities, histories, and life experiences are used. Astrological institutes use planetary alignments to predict how people will react and how their personalities will develop. Keep reading to learn how astrology works and what astrologists do.

Precisely What Does An Astrologer Do?

Human behavior is predicted by planetary and stellar positions. Some people refer to it as an art, while others refer to it as a science. Based on an individual’s astrological background, an astrologer can predict how they will behave in any situation. The alignment of stars and planets fundamentally influences human life on the date of birth. This planetary alignment is said to influence and impact the rest of a person’s life after birth.

Some planetary influences (such as a person’s rising sign) are determined by a small snapshot of their lives, such as birth. Pluto is an example of a planetary influence that is generational in nature and affects a group of people throughout their lives for decades.

How Does An Astrologer Go About Their Work?

Astrology is usually performed for money in the form of a consultation. After an astrologer learns a person’s natal chart, they can make predictions and advice on various aspects of their life. However, the astrologer uses a system of esoteric reasoning to predict and assume elements of the personality of a person. This is rather than interviewing them throughout several sessions. In addition to divination, astrologers use context clues to provide insight into a person’s situation.

In the course of history, Astrologers have studied both human behavior and conflict mitigation, as well as astronomy. Interpersonal relationships have been vital to their interpretation of celestial alignments throughout history.

An astrologer is a New Age priest and a therapist who provides spiritual and practical guidance. Astrologers combine technical information and intuition to interpret an individual’s situation and help them take action steps to move forward. In particular, during times of personal crisis, this is particularly true.

Over the years, some skepticism has been about the astrological arts’ authenticity. There seem to be no signs that it will fade away anytime soon due to a renewed interest in witchcraft and New Age concepts in the 21st century.

How Does Astrology Work, And What Is It All About?

Humankind has used astrology as a method of divination for thousands of years. Thousands of years have been spent using the alignment of stars and planets as a divination method. Astrology is a belief system that posits that an individual’s personality and fortune are influenced by the celestial placement of the stars and planets at the time they were born. Based on these placements, people are then categorized into zodiac signs. The Zodiac in Western astrology refers to the sky’s area within eight degrees of the ecliptic. This area indicates where the moon, the sun, and the planets are.

There Are Several Types Of Zodiac

While zodiacal astrology systems differ by culture, they are generally divided by months or birth years. As with each Zodiac, a theme is associated with each month or year

  • The Western Zodiac revolves around several famous constellations, each assigned to a particular month of the year.
  • Twelve animals are represented in the Chinese Zodiac, each corresponding to a different animal every year on a twelve-year cycle.

People’s zodiac signs, based on the month or year they were born, determine their general personality traits and compatibility with others.

How Do The Natal Birth Charts Work?

It is believed that Western astrology determines a person’s natal birth chart based on the following factors:

  • Place and date of birth of the child
  • Date of birth, month, and year of birth

Astrologers use this information to draw up a birth chart. This birth chart shows the exact placement of each planet in the Zodiac at the time of a person’s birth based on this information. When broken down further, this information can be used more nuanced to predict an individual’s behavior than just assessing their zodiac sign alone.

It is critical to remember that the following are significant signs that indicate a person’s birth chart:

  • Because a person’s traditional zodiac sign is associated with their sun sign, it is likely to be the most familiar sign. This is because it is closely associated with their classic zodiac sign. A person’s sun sign is believed to be the core of a person’s personality traits. It also dictates their horoscope, the same as their heart sign.
  • A person’s moon sign is the sign that represents how they act when they feel comfortable, usually in a private or intimate setting. Moon signs are an influential part of a person’s birth chart. It is also a symbol of a person’s emotional and spiritual side. It can be radically different from their sun sign.
  • People have a rising (or ascendant) sign on their birth charts, which is what is known as their “persona,” or what others perceive them to be like. For example, a person with a Cancer ascendant sign might feel pushed to appear nurturing by others. It is significant to note that a person’s personality is determined by the hour at which they were born. A person with a Leo ascendant sign can want to appear as the center of attention even though they are not.

Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, Mars, and Pluto have also been said to have profound effects on a person’s personality development. It is believed that the placement of these planets will have a profound impact on a person’s temperament, as well as their ambitions and fashion sense.

As the planets are associated with their divine Roman namesakes in most cases, their birth chart placement determines how well a person communicates. Venus also affects their love lives. The planets’ order is believed to correspond to each person’s personality traits or areas of interest.

How Do Horoscopes Work?

How Do Horoscopes Work

When it comes to astrology, horoscopes are the aspect people will most likely encounter in their daily lives. It is a prediction based on a person’s sign of the Zodiac. Their future luck is predicted by the alignment of stars and planets during that period.

Every individual’s horoscope is primarily a reflection of the astrologer’s interpretation. In recent years, astrology has become increasingly popular as a lighthearted diversion in magazines and newspapers. Most astrologers are skeptical about its authenticity, and only a quarter of the population considers astrology a legitimate science.

Unlike the natal birth chart, which tends to be extremely specific, the horoscope is a vague piece of fortune-telling advice that can be interpreted in many ways.

I know what you might be thinking.

Why Do Planetary Retrograde Cycles Occur?

Astrology defines planetary retrograde as the planets appearing backward in their orbits as the Earth outpaces them due to planetary retrograde. Problems in the retrograde planet’s astrological region, such as heart problems, often cause planetary retrogrades.

Mercury’s planetary retrograde occurs multiple times yearly for three to four weeks. This causes communication breakdown, quarrels, and crumbling plans due to retrograde movements.

These areas of life are often repaired during planetary retrogrades in astrological practices. For example, someone experiencing Mars retrograde will probably attempt anger management or forgiveness in a fight during that time. As Uranus is a planet associated with a contrary attitude, a person dealing with retrograde Uranus might be tempted to curb their rebellious and revolutionary tendencies.


Despite advances in science and the eroding popularity of religion, astrology has maintained its loyal following since it was introduced in ancient Babylonia. This is despite advances in science.

Even though many people doubt the authenticity of this form of divination, it is still used by astrologers. This is to assist clients in understanding their identities and finding a solution to their problems. Suppose you wish to learn more about astrology or are willing to study and leap into becoming a certified astrologist.