At What Point Should Your Baby Start Crawling?

Having a new baby, especially your first, is so exciting and every day is a new adventure. In a baby’s first year of life, they are learning and doing new things almost daily. This makes that period of their life so much fun to watch. As your child starts to reach certain developmental milestones it is only natural to wonder if they are on track or developing slower than other children.

Average Age That Babies Start Crawling

Every baby is different so there is no way to be certain when your baby will meet certain milestones. There are certain age ranges given but if your baby does something early or late you have no reason to worry. Just know when babies start crawling they are able to get into everything so you will want to start babyproofing your home now!

Make sure that anything that might be within the baby’s reach is not something they could hurt themselves with. Once your baby starts crawling they will soon start trying to pull themselves into a standing position. This means you need to make sure there is nothing that they can grab onto that will cause them any harm.

Signs That Baby Will Crawl Soon

There are a few signs you will notice right before your baby decides to start crawling…

1. Setting Alone

One of the first signs that your bundle of joy is getting ready to crawl is they will start to be able to set without any type of support or assistance. They will also be able to get into the sitting position on their own.

2. Pushing Up

You will also start to notice that your baby is using their arm to push up their upper body. They will look like they are practicing their yoga poses regularly. They will start strengthening up their arms by performing these actions.

3. Wants to Be on the Floor

When your sweet baby no longer wants you to hold them anymore. Once your baby starts trying to get down into the floor on their own all the time, they are very close to crawling.

4. Reaching for Objects

You will also start to notice that your baby will start reaching for objects that are out of reach and appear to be straining to get them. Do not hand them these objects let them try to get them themselves.

5. Pulling Themselves

The final sign that they will be crawling very soon is when they start pulling their selves around by pulling with their arms. They will be scooting around on their stomachs. Once they do this crawling will start before you know it.

Make Sure Your Home Is Ready

You need to make sure that you are prepared for your baby to be mobile. They will be into everything as soon as they can crawl. Babies are naturally curious and if they can get to it they will touch it and most often try to put it in their mouths. This means that you need to make sure that there is nothing the baby can get into that would be harmful if they got it in their mouth.

A great way to make sure you have thought of everything is to get down on your baby’s level and look at every room. You may be surprised at the things you don’t notice at your eye level that will be really intriguing to them at their eye level. So get down today and check every room in your house so that you can be confident that your home is effectively crawling proof and that your baby will be safe.