Attorney Samir Hadeed on Understanding Which Lawyer is Best for Your Needs

Hiring a lawyer is a major decision and not an easy one. Samir Hadeed, an attorney from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, outlines a few key considerations everyone should take into account in order to find a lawyer who is best for their needs.


First thing’s first, attorney Samir Hadeed shares that you need to consider cost. Finding the lawyer that’s right for you at least partially comes down to the price you’re willing to pay. Hadeed recommends doing some research in advance to try and find out an estimated cost of the different lawyers you’re considering hiring. When you start approaching lawyers over the phone, it’s a good idea to confirm the cost with them. In addition, ask them to provide the estimated costs of their services in writing. If you eventually end up signing a contract with this lawyer, you will also want to ensure that a maximum cost is included in the written contract. This will prevent any unwanted surprises at the end.


According to attorney Samir Hadeed, finding a lawyer who is offering their services at a price you can afford is an excellent first step. However, one must also make sure that the lawyer is trained in the type of law required for your case. For example, if you need help drafting a will, you’ll want to hire an attorney with estate planning experience. Alternatively, if you’re going through a divorce, a divorce attorney is a must. There are specific cases where a general practitioner will do just fine, such as basic real estate transactions or other simple matters, but generally speaking, you will be better off and have a higher chance of winning your case if you go with a specialist. Thus, when you’re meeting with potential lawyers, don’t be afraid to ask them about their background in their specific area of law. Ask them how long they’ve been practicing, what their success rate is, and if they’ve helped any clients in similar positions to you. Their answers to these questions should help you gauge whether they have adequate experience in the area and will be able to help you to your satisfaction.


A lawyer’s communication skills are of the utmost importance when choosing one that is right for you. That is why it is so important to interview different lawyers, either over the phone or in person, before settling on one, shares Pittsburgh lawyer Samir Hadeed. Communicating with them is the fastest way to tell if they appear honest and forthright. For example, if they seem overly optimistic almost to the point of guaranteeing you that they will win your case, this is a warning sign. A good, not to mention honest, lawyer will always advise their clients of the potential risks of their legal case. In addition to the honesty and integrity of the lawyer, you will want to ask directly about their communication style. Ask important questions, such as how frequently you can expect to receive updates on your case, will the updates be sent via email or phone call, and who your main point of contact will be at the firm. In some cases, the lawyer themselves will continue communicating directly with the client, but in others a paralegal or administrative assistant might take on this role. This is good information to have from the onset.

Samir Hadeed on the Size of the Firm

In addition to the lawyer themselves, you must also consider the law firm from which the lawyer comes. There are pros and cons that must be taken into account for both small and larger firms. With small firms, you are more likely to be prioritized as the lawyer you’ve hired will likely have more time to dedicate to working on your case. Thus, if you’re someone who plans to check in a lot and will need a lot of reassurance, a lawyer from a small firm will likely be able to communicate with you more frequently. Conversely, lawyers from large firms may be working on several cases at a time which means they likely won’t be at your beck and call. That said, larger law firms generally have more money and staff on hand to help you win your case. In addition, Samir Hadeed lawyer points out that some larger law firms are reputable and respected in the world of law and may have more power to influence judgments on cases. Ultimately, you have to choose what’s right for you, but it’s important to consider the advantages and drawbacks of the different sizes of law firms.