Audi Car Leasing during a pandemic: Things to Consider


Purchasing a brand new Audi car during a pandemic is an expense that does not seem too logical to take on.

Needless to say, a pandemic comes with the unknown and every extra dollar should be saved in efforts to prepare for the numerous expenses that come with getting back on your feet.

While buying your dream Audi may be too costly, leasing it will allow you to enjoy the car without creating any dent in your pocket.

Whether you’ve got your eye on the Audi Hatchback, Coupe, or Convertible, here are the things to consider when Audi car leasing during a pandemic:

Are there cars that are available for leasing during a pandemic?

You may be wondering if you will still come across Audi lease deals during a pandemic especially because there are many car hire companies like Ford, Tesla, and Nissan that do not avail their services during these economic times.

Well, you should not worry about that with Audi. No matter where you want to go, you will still come across a lot of car options. However, the company comes up with regulations that should be followed when handling their cars during a pandemic.

For instance, during the COVID-19 pandemic, all lease drivers are expected to adhere to sanitary and social distancing guidelines when handling the cars. Some of the set precautions include:

Wiping down all touchpoint surfaces including the gearbox, steering wheel, information displays, and buttons.

Observing contactless rules during a delivery. For instance, the wearing of masks and the use of electronic signatures

Are there any delays with lease car orders?

Due to unforeseen circumstances, it is possible to face delays with the car that you have leased during a pandemic. It is important to note the business slows down due to the safety measures that are put in place that ensure all drivers are protected.

Apart from this, if you specify your order in terms of paint, color, and other features, you may have to wait until the car is available and ready for leasing. It could already be out on the road with another driver or only available on the earliest re-opening date that is listed by the manufacturer. In this case, you will have to wait.

As such, you should always contact Audi about leasing extensions during a pandemic.

Are there better deals on new cars because of the pandemic?

Audi temporarily seizes the production of new cars during a pandemic. However, if there are new or latest Audi cars in the market during this period, they may come with great Audi lease deals and offers that you cannot afford to turn down.  You definitely might want to consider a new RAM truck for sale.

But if you do not get lucky on this front you can always check out in-store cars that may be on offer.

Lease The Right Way

Regardless of the type of Audi car that you choose to lease during a pandemic, it is important to ensure that you get the most out of your leasing deal. Most importantly, you should be able to lease a car that you can drive safely.

While there are Audi dealers that are temporarily closed for sales, the company still offers online delivery services to ensure that it operates in a safe and secure environment.

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