Australian Online Gambling Laws 2022

Many people appreciate online betting in Australia. Statistics have shown that about 80% of the population gamble in one way or another. We all know that it is essential to enact regulations to ensure that wagering is carried out lawfully and responsibly.

The gambling law in Australia did not change much in the last few years. But in 2022 there are a few changes that can be great news to many people who enjoy betting in the country. So, if you are a fan of this activity, then you may want to continue reading to know what has changed this year.

Is Online Gambling Legal in Australia in 2022?

Unfortunately, it is still illegal to gamble online on Australian sites. Offshore companies accept Australian players. Since they are not banned from functioning, they provide services and different types of casino games for gamblers to earn real money. So, the only issue is to find reputable and trustworthy offshore gambling sites to use. The country has nothing to say about player participation, so you are safe from the law.

The act has been revised to suit the contemporary situation of wagering in the country. These amendments were made to mitigate the influence of offshore and international companies and exclude some outlets to reduce fraud.

The government regulates legal online gambling in the country on the state and federal levels.

Which Online Gambling Games Are Legal in Australia?

Numerous forms of responsible gaming are illegal for Australian companies since they are not allowed to provide any form of stakes, excluding sports activities.

The government permits betting on any sports events. The companies that offer these services are expected to be licensed and legal. They must also follow the online gambling laws.

In that manner, you cannot enjoy Australian online casinos because this activity is not legal. But as we mentioned before, the users can still enjoy playing online at offshore casinos which are not forbidden anyhow.

Australian Online Gambling Regulatory Bodies and Laws

Australian Online Gambling Regulatory Bodies and Laws

In the country, the acts designate penalties for breaking the law by operating online betting platforms. There are penalties for advertising unlicensed companies.

There are many bodies burdened with the obligation of controlling casino affairs for Australian wagers.

You can benefit from offshore companies that are not forbidden in any way. The interactive gambling act came into effect in the early 2000s and from thereon has been relevant and regarded highly. The Australian government has upheld the law regardless of being in the industry for over twenty years. Also, modifying it to suit contemporary betting demands.

The interactive gambling act is a collection of laws set to control any practice of responsible gaming by providers, advertisers, and so on. These laws stretch to casino sites, mobile applications, and every other gambling means.

A list of the banned betting platform has emerged and also a list of illegal practices, which comprise:

  • online casinos,
  • unlicensed sports gambling,
  • wagering lottery results.

Sports betting is the only type of betting which is allowed in Australia. But Australian gamblers have discovered loopholes. This allows them to participate in activities other than sports betting.

Federal Level Authority

The constitution of Australia gives the nationwide Tier of government power to authorise, regulate, and oversee affairs such as

  • internet
  • money
  • media
  • state trade

Suggesting that the government can regulate and control betting exercises. They secure consumers from any unfair acts.

The national law hinders many activities on the net, such as poker, online casinos, slots, etc. Any deal that involves risks and wagering in live streams and sports betting is authorised.

  • Any stand that operates without a licence is not legal. Such organizations stand a chance of being penalised.

Companies can have licences in more than one territory. Any higher authority does not control wagering sites, though.

The overseer controlling gambling affairs in Australia include:

ACMA: The Australian Communication and Media Authority operates as a self-dependent organization. It authorises communication and media-related issues. This agency provides the standard for communication and media. The telecommunication decree gives this agency its basis of operation.

Interactive Gambling Act: It was revised in 2022, therefore allowing the gambling act upon one another. Roulette, blackjack, online draws, and so on are restricted. In a nutshell, the act prohibits any risk-related activity.

There are other necessary protocols that operators must respect, such as:

  • National licensing
  • Gambling policy
  • Offshore gambling laws

Prohibitions: restrictions are made on all mediums, such as

  • electronic and non-electronic (newspaper, flyers, etc.),
  • online or offline
  • and any form of advertisements that relates to wagering

State Level Authorities

It is the obligation of each Australian state to pass gambling decrees for its regions.

Australian Capital Territory

In 2019, with a reasonable amount of charges, online poker was legislated in the country. The charges were held without compromise, although in 2022, operators are pleading for a reduction in the charges. There is no universal body governing gambling.

It is the responsibility of the government and territories to make guidelines on online gambling.

New South Wales

Independent liquor authority and Liquor and Gaming New South Wales are burdened with the tasks of regulating wagering actions in casino liquor under the gaming legislation.


The Commission gives licenses for policy decrees and important approvals for Liquor and Gambling Regulations.

Northern Territory

The Northern Territory covers sports betting. These authorities do not approve sociable gaming. They control things like age classification and other regulations for games. Even though skill bets do not rely on luck or probability like online roulette Australia has legislated decrees that will make these activities illegal as of 2022.

The Northern Territory racing commission validates the number of legal entities. It hosts more online bookings surpassing all other states combined.


The Queensland office of liquor and gaming regulation authorities oversees gambling and liquor-related issues in the gambling enterprise.

South Australia

South Australia consumer and business services offer a wide range of services. These services include:

  • Security of consumers
  • Regulations of business
  • Provision of online gambling decrees

We also have bodies like the Tasmanian Liquor and Gaming Commission and the likes on the state level.


Apart from sports betting, most forms of wagering are prohibited within the country. Bettors make do with offshore operators, as the acts do not forbid that. Regulations ensure that wagering is conducted safely and responsibly. There are bodies on the state and federal levels that are saddled with the responsibility of making these laws. Also, ensuring that the bettors respect these laws. Penalties are also prescribed to defaulters. There is hope that leniency will be made in these laws in the future. Hopefully, other wagering activities will be accepted within the country.