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One of the problems you’d be facing when you’re due for a long-distance move is how to take your car with you. Some people drive their vehicles across states, but that can be very stressful and tiring. You don’t want to start your life in a new home feeling irritated and exhausted from driving hundreds of miles.

The solution to your problem is to talk to car shipping companies. Also known as auto transport companies, these service providers use trucks to help individuals and businesses move vehicles from one place to another. To help you understand the service better, here are a few facts about auto transport.

The Shipping Process

The first step to shipping your car is approaching an auto transport company and asking for quotes based on your needs. You may also talk with a transport broker to hire the services of their partner shippers.

A best practice when looking for an auto transport service provider is to get multiple price quotes so you can compare later. Choose the car shipping company that can give you the best services within your budget.

You then need to book the car shipment after selecting a provider. The auto transport company will ask for information about the booking, including the date or range of dates you expect your car to arrive at the destination. You also have to specify the location of the pickup and drop-off points. The company will ensure that your vehicle arrives within this time frame.  Be sure to get a auto transport quote.

Difference Between Transport Brokers and Auto Transport Companies

In your search for a service provider that will handle the shipment of your car, you may come across two kinds of companies: auto transport companies, also known as car shipping companies, and transport brokers. So, what’s the difference between these two types of firms?

Auto transport companies are the ones that carry out the vehicle shipping process, from loading at the pickup station to unloading at the drop-off site. As they are experts in car shipments, they can use the most efficient routes to transport your vehicle fast.

You will find that not all car shipping companies want to deal with clients directly. To get clients, they sometimes use transport brokers. The brokers are not involved in the shipping process, but they help clients search for a shipping company that aligns with their needs. They have a long-standing relationship with different shippers, allowing them to directly reach out to these service providers.

Working with a transport broker means you don’t have to ask for multiple quotes and compare them yourself. These brokers will do the comparisons and calculations for you and present a single quote that they think matches your requirements.

Open and Enclosed Transport: Which Is Better?

The type of transport truck you need will depend on the kind of vehicle you want to ship. Transport firms may ship cars using an open transport truck or an enclosed trailer. Open transport is cheaper, but it uses trucks that are open on both sides, leaving the vehicles exposed to the different elements. A typical open truck can carry about ten cars at once.

Meanwhile, enclosed transport costs are around 40% higher because enclosed trailers only carry a few units per trip. Because the trailer is enclosed, the vehicles are not vulnerable to external sources of damage and are more secure against theft. Enclosed transport is advisable for luxury vehicles, antique cars, and custom-built vehicles with low ground clearance.

Home Delivery vs. Terminal Delivery

Aside from the type of truck that will transport your car, you can also choose between home delivery and terminal delivery. If you’re willing to spend a little bit more for additional comfort, you may opt for a home delivery service. Your car will be picked up from your old home and delivered directly to your new home.

On the other hand, some people still prefer terminal delivery, which requires you to take your car to the nearest terminal and then pick it up at the destination’s drop-off area. Aside from being less expensive, some car owners don’t want to wait around at home for their cars to be picked up and delivered.

Advantages of Using Auto Transport

There are plenty of merits to using an auto transport service, and one of these is convenience and comfort. It serves as an alternative to driving your vehicle for hours or even days across state lines to your new home. You must go through unfamiliar territories and face challenges like extreme weather changes and rude drivers.

You also have to consider the wear and tear your vehicle will sustain for being on the road for hundreds of miles with a few intervals. Doing a long drive like this could have long-term damage to your car, which means additional costs for repairs. More mileage to your car will also affect its resale value.

Hiring a car shipping company will allow you to comfortably travel by air and wait for a few days to get your vehicle. This is a small price to pay in exchange for a stress-free and safe long-distance move.

Speaking of safety, taking the car for a long drive to your new home would inevitably cause stress and fatigue on you, which may make you sleepy during the night and early morning drives. Tired drivers have a higher risk of getting into road accidents.

You don’t have to worry about your car getting damaged in transit because the law requires auto transport firms to provide liability insurance to their clients. Ensure that you no longer have personal belongings inside the vehicle because they’re not part of the coverage,

Final Thoughts

With this information on auto transport, you now have an option for getting your car from your old home to your new one without having to stress yourself driving for miles across states. You may choose to make your move comfortable and safe by shipping your car through an auto transport company.


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