Automated Ways to Manage Property Listings for Your Real Estate Clients


Real estate is a ballooning industry in the modern world. The reason for this sudden trend is because the demand for better housing has continued to increase. Even with the growth, not every participant lives to enjoy the fruits of what the industry has in store. It remains one of the few fields that ask for discipline, organization, and follow up for effective results.

Regardless of whether you are a solo agent or broker who is part of a large team, one of the biggest challenges is having your customers slip through the cracks. This can mean losing thousands of commission dollars. The high chances are that you may have automation as one of the best ways to boost your operations and marketing. But how can you automate your processes? If this is the question that is bothering you, you are in the right place. In this article, we’ll emphasize more on automated ways you can manage your property listings for your real estate clients. 

1. Website Forms for Lead Generation

In this era, where the internet is taking control of every other sector, the use of websites has become the norm. Almost every business owns a site or two to boost sales and communication. With a listing website, you can easily link website forms to your real estate customer relationship management (CRM). You can better understand this process if you click here and see for yourself how easy it’s to integrate your website with the system. The good thing about linking your website to your real estate CRM is that you can easily integrate it with the already existing site. If you don’t have an existing site, you can have a team of professionals build one for you from scratch.

With your site linked to your real estate CRM, you can create an auto-marketing machine that gathers new leads in the comfort of your sleep. Dealing with website forms and CRM doesn’t have to be complicated since you can quickly establish a callback request form or a simple contact form.

2. Automating Open House Lead Generation

Today, most of the clients search for houses over the internet. What follows is viewing, and through which the customer decides if he or she is willing to carry on with the buying. To ensure effectiveness, you can utilize software to capture emails of everyone who attends the open house viewing. The hack enables you to send automated follow-up emails. When integrated with your CRM, this automated lead collection system can help you nurture those new leads.

3. Lead Routing

Say, for instance, if you are operating on your own, there are occasions when you need to route your leads to the best agents. Working with individuals who understand the game is the key to making endless sales. Routing your transaction leads manually can be a tiring experience. The good thing is that you can save plenty of time by utilizing software that automates lead routing and rotation. Most of this software allows you to route your leads based on zip code and ‘first-to-claim,’ among many other ways.

4. Sync Your Leads to Your Smartphone

The fact that you spend most of your time with your smartphone means that you can as well incorporate it into your listings and follow-ups. You can invest in custom real estate software that syncs with your Google contacts or cloud. This tip ensures that your leads on the software will be synced with your contact database. With such a connection, it means that when a lead calls, their name will show up in the caller ID. Therefore, you will know precisely who you are speaking to, hence, reducing your chances of losing a significant deal.

5. Email Follow-up

When it comes to listing a house for sale, there are instances when you will need to reach out to your leads. Doing so manually can be a daunting experience. There is no need to go through this route while you can automate the entire process. You can use email workflows to automatically send replies to leads when they inquire about viewing, sign an agreement, or even download resources on your site. Real estate follow-up emails are a perfect way to get results from the entire process.

Managing your property listing can be a tedious experience when performed in an old-school way. Luckily, today, there are many ways on how you can automate the entire process. Explained in this article are advanced tactics to help ease the management of your property listings for your real estate clients. By reading through this article, you will have ideas you can borrow to incorporate into your operations.

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