Autumn In Osaka

If you are planning on visiting Japan, you should visit one of the best cities. Osaka is beautiful place that has so much to offer to you year round. The best season to visit Osaka is autumn. The beautiful colors that trees present with bright leaves can be seen between mid November and early December. There are many recommended Fall Foliage spots in Osaka. Make sure you don’t miss visiting any of these beautiful attractions whenever you go to this amazing place. Once you know this exciting places, your trip to Osaka will be filled with excitement.

Osaka is considered the third largest city in Japan. And it not only has beautiful landscapes, but it’s also a modern city with many shops, skyscrapers, shopping streets, restaurants, amusement parks and beautiful views. Also checking out the autumn leaves in Osaka as well as experience the fall colors either in downtown or in the outskirts of the city.

Kyoto is a beautiful place which is 15 minutes away from Osaka. You can travel there by train and you will be able to see beautiful colors on trees and  also amazing landscapes. Another place you should visit is Daisen Park. We all know that Autumn is the most colorful season of the year. Daisen Park is one of of Japan’s 100 historic Parks, which is located between the kofun of Emperor Nintoku and the Emperor Richu Kofun. One of the attractions in Daisen Park is to walk into its huge burial mound. You will see beautiful Japanese Gardens, ponds, rocks, bridges, tea houses, garden trails, peace towers, museums and trees of all kinds. You will also see beautiful areas where you can relax and spend a good moment with family and friends. This delightful Park presents a stunning Fall Foliage which only travelers visiting Osaka can experience. You will love walking along the trails to explore the different colors that the trees present And also looking at many elements of traditional Japanese gardens. You can walk across the bridge and enjoy the surroundings. please remeber,  whenever you come to this amazing place, don’t forget your camera.

Another beautiful place you must visit is Minoo Park. This is just one of the best places to see great fall colors in the Kansai region. This is located on the northern part of Osaka and it’s a wonderful place to see mountains, temples, waterfalls and amazing colorful forests. You can walk along the trail and see a beautiful waterfall with a height of 33 meters. You will be surrounded by a quiet atmosphere and suddenly get to the Red Bridge with red maple leaves in a scene not to be forgotten. This is a park that was created especially for families and kids. People from around the world love visiting the park to see the amazing colors from the trees.

A well-known place that tourist visit is Katsuo-ji Temple. If you have seen too many skyscrapers in Osaka City, also think about a quiet place within the forest. Katsuo-ji Temple is a beautiful place that offers a peaceful atmosphere all year round. We know that if you visit this place you will return again in the future. All the temple is surrounded by plants of different kinds which create a pinteresque landscape upon arrival of each new season, but when it comes to Autumn the color here is exceptionally beautiful. You can watch colored Leaves in every single tree.

Have you ever heard of Osaka Castle Park? This is a gorgeous Park in the middle of the city where the iconic Osaka Castle Tower stands. This is a very famous park because both, Spring and Autumn present beautiful colors that will surely make you speechless. If you love outdoor activities, this is the right place for you. You can get a peaceful walk in the park to admire the fall colors and see the view from the tower´s observatory. That is truly breathtaking.

If you like walking on the street, you would like to visit Midosuji Avenue. Located in Osaka, this is another great Autumn foliage spot located in the Heart of the city. The attraction of this Avenue are the hundreds of Gingko trees that it has. Their Golden Leaves paint the entire Street and of course, this will be the side that you will hardly want to miss. Come with your friends and family and walk along the street to see the magical Golden Leaves. You will be able to see different restaurants and shops and having lunch in one of these restaurants will be an amazing experience.

Finally another place that you should visit is Kanshinji Temple. This Temple was built back in the 7th century and it is a great place to witness Autumn scenery as well as amazing architecture. This is an important National Treasure because it houses the seated statue of goddess of Mercy. What is amazing about this place is that in the temples ground you can see a variety of maple trees together with Plum and cherry trees. You will be amazed by checking the incredible colors that the temple showcases in November. If you come to this great place, you can visit other important cultural assets as for example buildings and statues that are found within the temples grounds.

Osaka is not only a modern and busy city, it also offers amazing places that you would like to visit specially for Autumn. Visit Osaka, check the countryside and be amazed by its autumn foliage spots.