Avoid These 5 Common Pokies Mistakes

About 30 percent of adults in Australia play pokies at least once a year. The advent of online pokies made it easy for Aussies to keep enjoying games wherever. Although odds in pokies are made to favor the house, Aussies continually apply strategies they believe increase their chances of winning.

Australia has more than 4,000 licensed clubs whose financial backbone is gambling. The many online gambling sites can be overwhelming to any gambler. As a result, there are a number of pitfalls that can occur when Aussies play pokies both online and live.

The majority of slots in Australia have the same operation principle. They adorn identical appearance, feature the same layout, and the only thing that sets them apart is the software add-ons. While gaming, players often make a series of similar mistakes; however, there are ways to avoid them.

Some of these common mistakes include:

1. Sticking to one game

With many pokies choices available online, people tend to cling to one particular game that they are familiar with. Although this is understandable, playing a single game can limit your winnings. You may argue that you were lucky with one pokie, and you’d wish to stick around a little more, but truth be told, you can never be lucky all the time.

There are many slots in Australia with interesting features and better bonuses. App developers are constantly upgrading pokies apps, and therefore clinging on one game could make you miss out on a world of new features. Do proper research on pokies apps and discover mind-blowing games to try.

2. Always Betting Low

Let’s face it, pokies are fun, easy to play, and the rewards are amazing. Not reaching your desired winnings could be a result of betting low. For a better chance of hitting a higher payback percentage, play higher denominations.

High denomination slots offer higher payouts, and some slot machines would require you to play bet max for you to stand a chance of winning a progressive jackpot. Bet max when you are sure of getting free spins or bonus rounds or with the sole purpose of winning a progressive jackpot.

You do not have to bet big all the time. If your bankroll is small, go for games with lower max bets, as this could turn out to be more profitable. Always keep your end budget in mind.

3. Not Finding a Theme You Enjoy

Themed pokies are slowly becoming part of the gambling culture. Games under this category feature fruits and Vegas storylines, and some of the games you’re likely to bump into include: Night Club 81 (a modern twist of neon lights found in nightclubs), Cherry Bomb Deluxe, and Jackpot 6000 by NetEnt (boasts a 98.9 percent RTP).

Most of the themes are a reflection of a certain adventure. There are games featuring everything from mythical creatures to a more realistic setting. Find a theme that best suits your interests and make gaming a little more enjoyable.

4. Not Utilizing Mobile Games

As technology keeps advancing, it’s becoming easier for game lovers to access online casinos from their mobile devices. Major casino platforms are now shifting to online platforms, and some even offer apps for easy mobile playing.

Playing mobile pokies allows you to enjoy gaming from anywhere at any time. You can access more games quickly. Mobile pokies are easy to maneuver even when you are getting started, and they offer a safer gambling environment.

5. Not Setting a Budget

Setting a budget allows you to single out the games you are likely to play and for how long. Pokies can be addictive. It is, therefore, individual responsibility for players to ensure that they maintain a healthy relationship with their gambling hobbies.

Whether you’re playing online or in person, it’s a good idea to set a budget. You can choose to place a bet of a certain amount and walk away once done, regardless of the outcome. Avoid digging deeper into your pockets for amounts you did not plan for.

To set up a gambling budget, create an overall budget, prioritize real needs such as rent, grocery, and savings. Include your gambling budget as part of your personal entertainment budget. Your income should determine this.

Stay Smart and Enjoy Gambling

Gambling is an entertaining pastime that many Aussies enjoy. However, veteran gamblers will agree that winning is never straightforward. It requires in-depth knowledge of the game and game rules, self-control, and a sharp mind. Therefore, before diving into pokies, keep in mind the above avoidable gambling mistakes for better wins.