Avoid these mistakes when purchasing commercial kitchen equipment


Starting a commercial food business needs a lot of thinking through. You have to ensure that everything is up to the required food standard. You also need to ensure you have staff approved to handle food. The most important thing you need to do is get quality kitchen equipment. If you are not careful with this step, your business will always have issues. Here are some of the mistakes you need to avoid as they will have dire consequences.

Not running a background check on the sellers

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when getting commercial kitchen equipment is not doing a thorough check on the sellers you are dealing with. While there are companies like Artisan Industrial that have built a reputation over the years, for the better part, most sellers are new to the business. You need to take your time and look into them to determine if they will deliver on quality and after-sale services. Look at people who have bought commercial kitchen equipment from them and their reviews. By doing so, you can know if you are getting the right equipment or not.

Not looking at the space you have to work with

The thing you will notice with commercial kitchen equipment is they take up a lot of space. If you do not keep this in mind when you go buying the equipment, then chances are you will either end up with a crowded room with no space to work or with way too small equipment. Before you get started with buying your equipment, plan out your kitchen layout. Look at how you plan to use the space and ensure that the equipment you get fits in there seamlessly. It will give enough room for everyone to move around and prevent unnecessary accidents in the kitchen.

Not checking out the equipment thoroughly

The other thing you need to do when you get the equipment delivered to you is carry out a thorough check. While most sellers will be careful during transportation, there is a chance of accidents happening along the way. If you do not look at your machine well and ensure it is functioning properly, you will have a faulty machine that might take days to be fixed.

Not understanding how warranties work

Since commercial kitchen equipment is built to last, they come with long warranties. On the other hand, the warranties come with rules on what they can replace or repair. If you do not care for your equipment, the warranty will not cover the loss you incur. Ensure you read the fine print in the warranty agreement and follow the rules. It will ensure you can get anything fixed during the warranty period.

Running a commercial food joint or a restaurant takes a lot from you. You need to ensure that you streamline everything to avoid having issues. The pointers above show the things you should avoid doing to have well-functioning equipment that will serve you well.

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