Avoiding the main 5 cold outreach mistakes with an email deliverability test from Folderly

When conflicting with filters of spam test e-letters for being impersonal, too personal etc. 

Knowing how many problems cold emailing may have, one can’t but think of making use of a tool that’d help to monitor them. Folderly’s email deliverability test has already become such a tool for hundreds of companies. Why is it so important to hire professionals like Folderly to help a cold emailing campaign out?

Writing an email that can turn a prospect into a client at once is challenging. To be most effective, such an email mustn’t drag deliverability down and successfully pass a test for spam words. But to test an e-letter for being delivery rate friendly and get satisfying results may be not enough. There may be issues of a more stylistic character. Those top 5 flaws are: 

  • writing one’s messages in too an impersonal way; 
  • making them look too personal; 
  • sending e-letters in a bulk; 
  • new domain abusement meaning sending too many messages per day;
  • giving up digital tools in favor of cold emailing only. 

Style plus spam test backup: how being impersonal or too personal spoils cold emailing

An email looking automatically generated (though it may not have been) decreases deliverability even if spam word test results are fine. What’s meant here is this: it’s always important to remember that messages are sent not to bots but people. And people are able to see whether the sender cares about his recipients or not. Therefore, an e-letter which looks as if it was written by a program makes its reader feel suspicious. On the contrary, those who value the purity of their deliverability shouldn’t test luck by being too personal as well. A message can be alright with a spam test but packing a business email with slang words, memes etc. may provoke the recipient’s disrespect towards you. In general, respecting a business lead’s boundaries is a must unless scaring him off isn’t the plan. However, making use of too many cliches in correspondence with prospects isn’t an option either. 

No spam test reacts favourably to sending messages in a bulk

Don’t want to miss out on a campaign’s performance and valuable business leads? Wish to always keep track of everything within a b2b email activity? There is such a great tool as a deliverability/spam test from Folderly. This well-known company is a product of such a respected b2b lead generation company as Belkins, a confident leader in providing b2b lead generation services

ISPs and ESPs always treat domains and email addresses with a great number of daily outcoming messages. This is due to the fact that it’s typical spammer behaviour. Spammers tend to assault any email address they have with heaps of generic e-letters, meaning to test patience while sacrificing email deliverability. In case you have no other choice but carry out e-letter blast, be sure to:

  • notify the ESP of that;
  • work with providers not minding sending bulks of emails;
  • get rid of invalid addresses on the seed lists of yours.

Folderly’s spam test plus staying away from abusing your new domain

A lot of businessmen make the same mistake once they’ve come into possession of a new domain. They start to send as many emails as possible to their prospects and therefore, resemble spammers in their behaviour. After that any mail account owner should expect his checker to show having been blacklisted somewhere. What should one do to check his account for email deliverability problems and find none?

  • let your ESP understand you’re a legitimate sender. It can be done by sending a small amounts of messages to people who are sure to reply;
  • maintain the stability of email activities. All the e-letters received by you as well as outcoming ones must be answered; 
  • constantly test performance. When it comes to using a new domain, constant keeping track of metrics is even more vital that when you’ve already built up trust with the ESP. 

 Don’t ignore spam test usage as well as other cold emailing tools 

What else makes b2b lead generation and cold emailing more complicated is unwillingness to resort to using helpful services and tools. What prevents salesmen from using them? In case with novices in b2b and inexperienced users, it’s their fear to do something wrong. On the contrary, b2b old hands tend to be used to doing it the old-fashioned way and are unwilling to start learning something anew. So, why are they mistaken?

  • tools for cold outreach don’t require any installation. More often they are presented in the form of widgets. As a result, there’s no need to switch between tabs or update one’s whole OS;
  • digital b2b software may prove more useful than it may seem. For example, a user may not be able to find out what decreases delivery rate numbers without a good checker;
  • any b2b tool has a team of experts behind it. Any issue will be resolved by them and explained for you. 

 Summing up mistakes spoiling your deliverability/spam test results

All that’s left to say that caring about the performance of one’s cold outreach isn’t limited to spam testing only. The above mentioned issues have to be remembered about and avoided whenever the success of a b2b email campaign is at stake. However, there’s never any reason for thinking your company’s cold emailing is a lost cause. When there’s no time for solving all the existing issues, what should be done is to resort to the help of professionals. Experts from the Folderly company are online 24/7 and can’t wait to see you become our client. Once you’ve started working with us, there will be a whole range of tools and services at your service. More than 50% businesses have already got about 90% increase in their cold outreach performance with Folderly. Why not you?