Awesome Accessories Your Car Needs In The Summer Months

Unanimously, summer is considered the most dreaded period of the year as it is the warmest period of the year. With summer, comes sweating and dehydration. We do all we can in this season to be cool and avoid the sun, including having frequent baths, wearing light cotton clothes, using sunscreen, strolling at the mall or staying in your car even.

Man isn’t the only one affected by the great strength of the sun during this period; cars are equally affected, hence the need to protect our cars from this wrath of the sun. 

Here are several accessories to give your car the best summer treatment.

Cooling cushions

Dark-colored leather seats are bad news in the summer. Firstly, dark colors are known to be great heat holders and secondly, leathers also increase heat. The combination of these two will cause super crazy heat in your car during summer. Instead of these accessories, get cooling cushions that support this period of the year and are generally cheaper.

Portable Air Cons

Let’s face it, your car’s AC alone can sometimes be overpowered by the sun’s heat. While it may not look as much, portable air cons can reach areas in your car that your AC won’t at times. It can circulate the air more efficiently and will get the temperature inside your car lower in no time. Although, don’t grab just the first one you set your eyes on. You should check out reviews and comparisons so that your portable AC will most definitely be sufficient enough for your vehicle.

Interior protection accessories

For Tesla owners, there are some special protection accessories that are essential for these amazing cars. They’re stylish, efficient, and fun to drive. But one of the best things about Tesla is the aftermarket accessories. There is a wide range of aftermarket accessories, from wood center consoles to wood door panels. These accessories not only make your Tesla look great, but they also help to protect your Tesla from the sun and heat. In the summer months, when the temperatures can get hot, these accessories can help to keep your Tesla cool and comfortable. So if you’re looking for ways to improve the look and function of your Tesla, be sure to check out the Tesla Model 3 wooden interior. You won’t be disappointed.

Car window curtains

These accessories are designed to provide sunshade, UV protection, as well as offer heat insulation functions. Get these curtains for your car and summer will be cooler. They are quite easy to install as well, or to remove if you no longer have the need for them.

Beaded seat covers

Beaded seat covers are perfect for summer months as they leave enough room for proper ventilation. You no longer have to deal with a sweaty back whenever you get out of your car. 

Windshield Sunshade

This usually reflective accessory redirect UV rays, hence keeping your car cool. It is used when your car is parked. Just ensure your car is parked in the direction of the sun; the rest will be handled by this easy-to-instal-and-remove accessory.

A working temperature gauge

The risk of your car overheating in the summer period is higher than any other period of the year. There are many things that could cause car overheating, constant and continuous AC running is one. Others include high speed, heavy loads and idling in traffic. A working temperature gauge allows you to monitor the heat level of your car. Ensure the gauge registers cool. In case you suspect you might be nearing overheating, put the AC off. If your temperature gauge is already in the red zone, stop driving and let the engine cool to avoid costly damage to your car.

car dashboard


Summer months are indeed very hot and can be very uncomfortable. When your car is parked during the day in the summer months, the heat level in the car rises significantly, which could be very unpalatable the first few minutes of your return to the car. Besides the unpalatability for you, it can cause cracks in the car’s glasses. To avoid these, it is advisable to leave at least two of the windows ajar. One to two centimeters space is okay. This will allow fresh and cool air into the car. With this merit comes the risk of mosquitoes invading your car. This is where camphor comes in; tiny pieces of camphor put in certain corners in the car often repel these mosquitoes.

Other things to note in summer are:

  • You can get the top of your car painted with reflective paint which will, therefore, serve the same purpose as the reflective windshield sunshade; reflect UV rays.
  • You must also look for shade to park your car.
  • Before entering a heated car, wind all the windows down and put the AC on blast for one to two minutes to replace the hot air in the car with fresh and cool air.

In conclusion, your car would be cool and more comfortable for you if you have all, or a good blend of the above accessories. Besides your comfort, your car will also be in optimum condition as you pay particular attention to overheating. Remember that accessories do their part, and so should you when it comes to your car’s overall health.