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Our youngsters want to be employed meaningfully. He can let off steam to his heart’s content on the right play mats.

The offer is astonishing. There is no perfect play mat or play mat to buy. Rather, there are solutions for different requirements. You will get to know them right away.

We also recommend that you read our buying guide for play mats. This comes before our little FAQ. In just a few minutes you will know everything you need to buy the perfect play mat.

What is a play mat?

There is no fixed definition for play mats. That would hardly be possible due to the various uses.

However, it is certain that play mats should fulfill certain functions. They protect against falls and isolate from the cold. Some even contain elements to promote fine motor skills or simply inspire the child’s imagination.

What different play mats are there?

Our research has revealed six areas of application for the play mat.

Play mat with music : there are new impressions for babies every day to discover. After a few weeks, they already react to sounds like music. Corresponding play mats serve as a support, while there are many surprises in store. Each touch results in a different tone or plays melodies.

Puzzle mat : They are put together and do it as you please . Puzzle mats contain, for example, the ABC. Every letter can be taken out. Then the child can let off steam with any toy (the floor covering remains protected). The world of puzzle mats has become so diverse that you will definitely find it here.

Street carpet : one of toddlers’ favorite toys – which one is it? Your car collection, of course. The street carpet is laid out so that the fleet can also be steered in an orderly fashion. There is still a lot of time to learn the traffic regulations. However, the youngsters can playfully improve their fine motor skills here.

Fall protection mat : Non-slip and waterproof play mats serve as fall protection in the garden. Parents place them around the playground, the trampoline, etc. If the child falls to the floor, the material absorbs most of the energy. This reduces the likelihood of painful abrasions and lacerations.

Model building : A play mat can also depict landscapes, so that they serve as the basis for model building. Dad and child then build their railroad tracks. Trees and houses are placed. Figures and animals bring the play mat to life.

Play mat with water : Imagine an extremely shallow pool. The water can be just a few centimeters high. A drowning of the baby is almost impossible (parents should stay with it anyway!). The youngsters can still splash around and try out different toys. A play mat filled with water is ideal for cooling off on hot days.

Buying play mats: this is important

These aspects are important when you want to buy a new play mat:

scope of application

If you are looking for a play mat, you will primarily see puzzle mats. Simply because there is the greatest need for them. If, on the other hand, the mat is to serve another purpose or not have this design, you must specify the search.

Enter terms such as children’s play mat, foam mat for children, etc. This will help you get there quickly. You can also enter functions such as a foldable play mat or special color requests.

Mass weight

When buying as a puzzle mat, manufacturers usually only specify the dimensions for a section. You then have to extrapolate the area that covers the subsoil. If, for example, 30 x 30 cm are specified and the play mat supplies 20 tiles, this results in 1.8 m². You can put the puzzle mats together individually. Optionally as a square, rectangle or border for the actual playing area.

In any case, you should measure in advance in the children’s room or garden how much space is available. Then to determine how much play mats or what size you need for the street carpet.

Thickness & material

Play mats are available for inside and outside. The thickness and material then differ:

For the children’s room, it will be foam or carpeting. Here only a minimum of fall protection, but a maximum of fun should be offered. Warmer feet come as a side effect.

Outdoor play mats, on the other hand, are supposed to provide robust and water-repellent services. Around the playground, at the end of a slide or under the swings. Wherever children can jump and fall to the ground, the use of such fall protection mats is recommended. For this purpose, special material is chosen that minimizes abrasions and prevents some dents.

Design & colors

Now for the most exciting part of the play mat. We could find a variety of designs here. These refer to the design as a play mat for the children’s room.

Make a fundamental choice as to whether the play mat is intended for girls or boys. In this way, you restrict the selection. For boys, for example, space designs, dragons and castles are offered as prints. Girls, on the other hand, love unicorns, horses or landscapes. So it doesn’t always have to be the motley puzzle mat.

They are usually made rectangular or square. Occasionally you will also find round play mats.

Tip : If the product should stay in one place permanently, you can attach the play mat with double-sided adhesive tape. However, keep in mind that this makes cleaning under the mat impossible or that you will need new tape again.

You can also read best chair mats for carpet.

Conclusion: So that the offspring can romp safely

Play mats protect children and the floor equally. So that they don’t just cover the surface, they are designed imaginatively. Suddenly the carpet awakens its own little world. Surely you also had a carpet in your childhood?

Numerous other designs exist today. Puzzle mats for babies are very popular. With the toddler, you then switch to the play mat for cars and the train. Good luck…

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